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When switching to reusable alternatives there’s always a worry about how well they will work and how much you will have to adjust your routine.

We think the best switches aren’t just the ones that make the most initial impact but the ones that fit seamlessly into your routine so you stick with the switch and never go back. And we’re happy to say that reusable makeup pads are great both in terms of their impact and the ease of use.

Depending on how you clean your face you may well use cotton pads on a daily basis, quite possibly morning and night. And if you do you’ll be well aware of the amount of waste that creates. Not just from the pads themselves but the packaging as well. And while they may be made from cotton, even organic cotton, that still has an impact environmentally.

Reusable pads are used in pretty much exactly the same way as their single-use counterparts. You can apply your product of choice to your face and wet the pad to gently remove it. Or squirt your product directly onto the pad and apply to your face that way.

Of course, reusable pads are not exactly the same but we think that’s a good thing. For starters they are generally slightly larger than your average cotton pad, meaning you use less of them in one go. Plus they are made from a variety of different materials which makes them a lot more versatile.

You can choose a soft, silky smooth fabric for removing eye makeup without irritation and a more textured fabric to lift away dirt and gently exfoliate the rest of your skin.

The major difference however if the obvious one. You have to wash them. Now hopefully most people are already on board with washing and reusing all sorts of things, from sandwich wraps to drinks bottles, but everything is different so with that in mind we thought we’d talk you through the basics.

How do you wash reusable cotton pads?

In most cases washing your reusable cotton pads really is as simple as putting them in the washing machine with whatever else you are washing. You need to wash them every time you use them so make sure you have a good supply, and it’s a good idea to have something to store them in before and after you use them.

1. Check the washing instructions.

When it comes to washing checking the label or manufacturers washing instructions is the best place to start. Some you can wash at 60 and put in the tumble dryer. This is handy as it means they can go in with any wash you are doing. While some need to be washed at 30 and hung to dry.

If you don’t use the washing machine that often then you can also hand wash your face wipes with a little gentle soap. This is also handy if you are away and don’t have access to a washing machine.

Even if you are at home washing the wipes immediately after you use them with soap and water and only using the machine occasionally will reduce wear and extend the life of the pads.

Using a mesh bag to protect your wipes.

Just like any small or delicate items using a mesh bag can keep your reusable makeup wipes safe and together in the machine.

A mesh bag is also a great place to keep your used wipes until you are ready to wash them, just hang it wherever you clean your face and take to the machine when you are ready to wash.

What should you wash reusable makeup pads with?

Again it’s always best to refer to manufacturers instructions but as a general rule using a gentle detergent is best and avoiding bleach, stain removers and fabric softeners will ensure your pads last as long as possible.

Fabric softener can build up on the pads making them less absorbent and bleach or stain removers can damage the fabric.

Drying your reusable wipes

Some reusable wipes can go in the tumble dryer while others cannot. If this makes a difference to you its best to check before you buy.

As with anything drying in the sun is best environmentally and has the added benefit of killing any nasties that might be on the pads and helping to naturally bleach out any stains.

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