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Due to environmental concerns brought upon by the growing plastic waste problem, many people have been moving towards a more sustainable lifestyle. Regardless of how big or small we make these changes to how we live, we are still moving in the right direction. One product that is considered eco-friendly because it helps people reduce their waste is the reusable pad.

Washable pads have been around for many years but due to the burgeoning conscience of consumers about the impacts to the environment of the products they use, these products have seen a sharp increase in popularity. And this is a good thing. Disposable pads are made from synthetic materials that are considered non-biodegradable. While there are some pads that are also made from synthetic fibres, they are reusable as opposed to throwing them right after one use like disposables.

Whether you are planning to make a switch to washable pads or already using them, it is important to know how to look after them and how to properly wash them. If you are still on the fence about making the switch, it will help you with your decision if it is for you. Or if you are already using one, it will keep your pads in good condition for quite a while.

The most important thing you need to do is to follow the manufacturer’s care instructions. If you deviate from these instructions, you would most likely end up with a damaged product.

There are many ways to wash your pad. You can use your washing machine or hand wash them in a bucket full of soapy water.


You would need to remove the stains from your pads before washing them. Pre-soaking or pre-treating your pads before washing them is totally not required but highly recommended. Doing so makes the entire washing process easy for you. Pretreat them by soaking your pads in water. Light stains dissolve easily but tougher stains would require you to use stain removers. If you want to keep everything natural, use baking soda or lemon juice. You can either soak your pads for 30 minutes or soak them overnight.


Wash your reusable pads according to your manufacturer’s care instructions. If they say that your washable pad is machine washable and go ahead and use your machine to wash your pad.

The choice of detergent depends on the manufacturer’s recommendations. Using detergents to wash your pads makes it easier and more convenient for you. However some manufacturer’s might advise you against using them because it could potentially damage some of the materials in your reusable pad like its absorbent core. Use a mild detergent or soap.

Fabric softeners are entirely optional and you should only use them if recommended by the manufacturer.

Cooler wash is ideal because warm water could cause some fabric like cotton and you definitely do not want that to happen to your reusable pad.


The most effective way to dry and kill bacteria from your reusable pad is sun drying. It is also good for removing stains from your pad.

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