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Learning how to thread a ring sling is a fundamental skill for parents and caregivers who choose this popular and versatile babywearing option. A properly threaded ring sling not only ensures the safety and comfort of your baby but also makes the wearing experience enjoyable and hassle-free for you.

Today, we’re focusing on the ring sling, a favorite for its simplicity and versatility. But before you can enjoy the cozy walks and hands-free convenience, threading your ring sling correctly is a must. It might look like a puzzle at first glance, but fear not!

As an experienced Babywearing Consultant, I’m here to break down the threading process into easy, manageable steps. Whether you’re preparing for your first stroll with a newborn or adapting the sling for a growing toddler, this guide will ensure that your ring sling is set up safely and comfortably. So, let’s get started and turn you into a ring sling threading pro in no time!

Hello, I’m Maebh Collins, a seasoned baby carrier consultant with over two decades of experience. As a certified expert in both Trageschule and Slingababy, I’ve had the privilege of assisting thousands of families in their journey to find the perfect baby carrier. Welcome to a world of comfortable, confident babywearing!

Key Takeaways: How to Thread a Ring Sling

  • Threading a ring sling starts with finding the right position. Position the rings high on your shoulder, as they will slide down a bit in the process.
  • Spread the fabric evenly through the rings. This ensures a secure and comfortable fit for both wearer and child.
  • Pull the fabric through both rings like a belt. This is the initial step to create the base of your sling.
  • Separate the rings and loop the fabric back over the first ring and under the second. This action secures the fabric in place.
  • Adjust for even distribution of fabric. Ensuring the fabric is not twisted and is evenly spread across the rings will provide more comfort.
  • Tighten the sling by pulling the tail of the fabric. This secures the child and adjusts the sling to your body.
  • Test the sling’s tension before placing your child in it. It should be snug but comfortable, allowing for easy placement of the child.
  • Place the child carefully into the sling. Ensure the child is positioned safely and comfortably, with their weight evenly distributed.

Threading a Ring Sling: Quick Summary

Step 1: Choose Your Preferred Side Firstly, decide on which side you usually hold your baby. If you typically cradle your baby on the left side, you’d set the rings on your right side, and vice versa.

Step 2: Drape Over Shoulder With the rings in one hand, sweep the sling behind you and elegantly drape it over your chosen shoulder, try and keep the fabric flat.

Step 3: Position the Tail Now, take the tail of the sling and cross it behind your back. Bring it around to your front. Bunch the fabric neatly, preparing for the threading.

Step 4: Thread Through the Rings Notice the two rings? Begin the threading process by pulling the entire tail from underneath and threading it upwards through both rings. Let the tail fall naturally downwards after this.

Step 5: Align the Stripes or Colors Make sure that the top edge (or stripe) of the fabric is towards your body’s center, and the bottom stripe is on the outer side. If your sling features dual colors, ensure the inner color is visible at this stage.

Step 6: Final Threading Open up the two rings slightly. Now, insert and work the tail fabric through the second ring, pulling it until the entire tail is positioned correctly, do the finger walk to ensure that the fabric is evenly spread out.

Step 7: Smooth Out the Fabric It’s time to make things pretty! Smooth out your sling to reveal its color stripes or patterns. Always make sure the top edge remains toward your body’s midline.

Step 8: Secure Your Sling For the finishing touch, give the tail (excess fabric) a gentle pull. This ensures everything is securely in place. Remember, with a ring sling, adjustments are easy – you can loosen or tighten the fabric based on your comfort and your baby’s.

How to Thread a Ring Sling

Preparation : Before diving into the actual threading process, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. First, you need to decide which side you will be holding your baby. Some parents prefer the left side, while others choose the right side.

It’s entirely up to you and what feels more comfortable. Once you have made your decision, it’s time to place the rings on the correct side. The rings should be on the side where you will be holding your baby, so make sure to position them accordingly.

Threading the Sling : Now that you have prepared the sling, it’s time to thread it. Start by holding the sling by the rings with one hand. The rings should be facing up, and the fabric should hang down towards the floor. With your other hand, drape the sling over your shoulder, letting it rest on your collarbone. Adjust the fabric so it’s comfortable and evenly distributed over your shoulder.

Next, take the tail of the sling and bring it behind your back, crossing it across your opposite shoulder. This creates a diagonal line across your chest. Gather up the tail with one hand and thread it through the rings, starting from the bottom. The tail should go through both rings, creating a loop.

Once the tail is threaded through the rings, it’s time to adjust the position of the fabric. Hold the rings with one hand and use your other hand to slide the fabric to distribute it evenly. You want the fabric to be smooth and snug, without being too tight or too loose.

To open the rings and work the fabric through, pull gently on the tail until the rings start to slide freely. This allows you to adjust the fabric easily and find the perfect fit. Pull the fabric through and continue adjusting the position until you feel comfortable.

Final Touches : Now that the sling is threaded, it’s time to add some final touches to ensure a comfortable and secure fit. Start by locating the top edge stripe of the fabric. This will help you differentiate the top from the bottom edge. Make sure the stripe is on top and facing towards you.

Next, spread out the fabric and fan it out towards your shoulder. This will create a comfortable and supportive seat for your baby. You want the fabric to be spread evenly across your shoulder and back, avoiding any twists or bunching.

This ensures optimal comfort and weight distribution. You should tighten the ring (with the bottom fabric) and leave just enough room for baby to go in, in a comfortable position.

To finalize the threading process, pull the fabric through the rings, making sure it is secure and snug. You can adjust the tightness by gently pulling on the fabric to your desired tension. Once you feel confident that the sling is secure, you’re ready to use it to carry your baby.

Using the Threaded Sling : Now that you have successfully threaded your ring sling, it’s time to learn how to use it. One of the benefits of a ring sling is the ability to adjust the tightness, allowing you to loosen or tighten the fabric as needed. To loosen the sling, simply pull on the fabric near the rings to create more slack. This is particularly useful when you need to nurse or provide extra comfort for your little one.

Once the ring is on, pop baby inside and position for the hip carry, always ensurign he has a nice deep seat and his knees are in the knee-to-knee position (check our safety guide to . It’s a learning curve to get baby into the optimal position but you can always tighen the bottom rail or

Similarly, you can independently tighten the top and bottom edges of the sling for added support. If you need more support on the top edge, gently tighten the fabric by pulling on it near your shoulder.

On the other hand, if you want more support on the bottom edge, pull the fabric near the rings to achieve the desired tension. if you want to carry on the opposite side, just do the same procedure but on the other side.

FAQS on How to Thread A Ring Sling

How do you thread a no-sew ring sling?

A no-sew ring sling essentially involves using a sturdy fabric and sling rings, without needing to stitch anything. The process is similar to a regular ring sling but requires careful handling as there are no sewn edges, and there is a bit of a learning curve to using them.

Steps to Thread a No-Sew Ring Sling:

  1. Fold Your Fabric: Begin by folding your fabric in half lengthwise, ensuring it’s smooth without any twists.
  2. Insert the Rings: At the folded end, gather the fabric and thread it through both sling rings, pulling about a foot of fabric through.
  3. Create a Secure Loop: Now, spread the fabric and pass it over the two rings, then underneath, pulling it through the first ring.
  4. Adjust for Comfort: Spread out the fabric evenly in the rings, ensuring no twists, making it comfortable and ready for your baby.

How do you thread a Tula ring sling?

Tula ring slings are a popular choice among babywearers. The threading technique is similar to many other ring slings.

Steps to Thread a Tula Ring Sling:

  1. Drape Over Shoulder: Place the rings on your preferred shoulder, letting the fabric drape over your opposite hip.
  2. Gather the Fabric: Take the free end (tail) of the sling across your back, bringing it forward.
  3. Thread the Tail: Insert the tail up through both rings from below, then separate the rings and pull the fabric over the top ring and through the bottom ring.
  4. Spread and Adjust: Spread the fabric across the rings, making sure it’s not twisted. Adjust for comfort, ensuring the sling is snug but not too tight.

How do you tie a ring sling wrap?

While the term “ring sling wrap” can be a bit confusing since wraps and ring slings are typically distinct, the idea is to use a woven wrap in the style of a ring sling. Here’s how you might achieve that:

Steps to Tie a Ring Sling Wrap:

  1. Fold the Wrap: Fold your woven wrap in half lengthwise.
  2. Thread through Rings: At the folded end, thread the fabric through both sling rings, pulling a decent amount through.
  3. Secure the Rings: Spread the fabric, passing it over the top of both rings, then down and underneath, pulling it through one ring.
  4. Wear the Sling: Place the rings on one shoulder, allowing the fabric to drape over your opposite hip.
  5. Adjust: Spread out the wrap in the rings, ensuring no twists. Adjust to make it comfortable for you and your baby.

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