How to Create Personalised Water Bottles for Children




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Having a personalised kids reusable bottle can have a number of great benefits. First of all, kids love them, they feel special and they are more likely to take care of them.

Secondly, personalisation makes their bottle easy to spot so you are far less likely to end up with the wrong blue bottle at the end of the day.

And thirdly they are much less pinchable, someone might take a really good quality water bottle home with them if it’s generic but they are highly unlikely to take one with another child’s name on.

It also really helps teachers and carers ensure that kids are drinking from their own bottle and not sharing germs between bottles! 

You can buy already personalised bottles online. Just perform a quick google search and you will find plenty of options. However, many of them are plastic and you are limited in the designs and styles available.

Personalising your existing bottle, or choosing a bottle based on what you need and then making it your own is much better really and more personal.

So how do you do it.

Personalised Vinyl for Water Bottles

The first option and probably the easiest is to buy a ready-made vinyl sticker that you then apply to your bottle. This can be as simple or as complex as you like and could have their name, initials, favourite animal or any number of other ideas.

We wouldn’t recommend you put your bottle in the dishwasher once you have applied the vinyl but many of the paint coatings don’t much like the dishwasher anyway and so hand washing is already recommended.

If you are feeling crafty or have older children you can buy sheets of vinyl and create your own design and there are lots of youtube videos to help you out with cute designs.

Vinyl stickers are great because they last a really long time and don’t mind getting wet which is essential for a water bottle. Yet you can still change your mind and replace them if you get bored of the style you’ve chosen, perfect for kids especially considering how quickly trends can change.

DIY Options to personalise your water bottle

If you fancy getting creative then you don’t have to stick to stickers to add a personal touch. There are lots of online tutorials using glitter, glue, nail polish, spray paint and epoxy that create some incredible designs. Plus you get to have fun together crafting and experimenting in the process.

If you get good at any of these techniques then personalised cups and bottles make gorgeous gifts. In fact, we suspect you’ll be looking around the house for more things you can personalise.

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