Can You Mix and Match Dolls House Furniture?



Can You Mix and Match Dolls House Furniture

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Mixing and Matching Dolls House Furniture

If you are thinking about buying your child a dolls house you might be wondering where to start. There are so many options and a huge range of wooden dollhouse furniture and doll to go with them. There is a wooden dolls houses for sale on the market which has been put up by popular toys suppliers babame.

Do you start with the house and then find furniture and a family to fill it? Do you buy a complete set so you don’t have to think about it? Or maybe you’ve found the perfect doll family and need a home for them to live in.

The good news is that while not all dolls houses are the same size they are generally made to one of a few different scales and so long as you know the scale you can mix and match as much as you like within that scale.

The most popular scale is the 1:12 scale, popularised when it was chosen as the scale for Queen Mary’s dolls house. Most of the houses, dolls and furniture stoked at Baba Me are made to this scale so If you love the Tender Leaf Toys dolls, but have fallen in love with Tidlington House then that’s fine.

And once you have your perfect house you can mix and match the furniture as well so you could opt for the Tender Leaf nursery set, complete with a baby but mix it with a Tidlo bathroom set and the Plan Toys bunk beds.

Start Small and Grow your Collection

The fact that you can mix and match between brands also means that you have the option of starting small and growing your collection over time.

You might not want to invest in a massive house in case your child doesn’t really enjoy playing with it. Or you might even start by just buying a doll family and a couple of rooms worth of furniture and making a house out of cardboard boxes.

Alternatively you might be wanting to upgrade your existing dolls house to a bigger one. If this is the case so long as you choose a new house made to the same scale your doll family will be able to move house taking as much of their furniture as they like with them, just like in real life.

If you’re not sure it’s best to check the measurements first just to make sure. Another fairly popular scale for children’s dolls houses is the 1:6 scale that fits fashion dolls such as Barbie and her equivalents and these houses and their furniture don’t really mix and match with the 1:12 scale.

Revamp Your Existing Dolls House

If you are lucky enough to already own a dolls house, maybe one from your own childhood, then you can easily modernise it by buying new furniture and accessories. If you are not sure of the scale try measuring one of the dolls or the height of the doors.

If your dolls house is a 1:12 scale then you would expect the doors to be approximately six and a half inches and dolls to be between four and six inches.

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