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Discover the selection of high-quality ergonomic baby carriers from Ergobaby.


A New Babywearing Experience from Ergobaby

Ergobaby Baby Carriers have been recommended at Baba Me since 2004! The new range includes the ergo baby 360 which has 4 positions (read our guide to counterfeit ergos).

Get the Cool Air Mesh variant which is perfect for summer holidays.

We love baby carriers and have 10 highly trained babywearing consultants on staff. If you want help choosing the best baby carrier for you, just ask! We have a baby carrier questionnaire form and one of our baby carrier consultants will give you tailored specific advice! Or if you know exactly which Ergo baby Baby Carrier you want, just browse our selection below!

The official recommendation is that an Ergo Baby Carrier can hold up to 45lbs. However, we find in reality it may hold this in theory, but this baby carrier is known for its very short back, so babies usually outgrow it before they reach the official weight recommendation.

From birth up to about age 2. For young babies ensure they are faced in towards you, they do NOT have the neck support to face the world.

Babies should only face the world once they are 6 months plus. Ergobaby claim you can use the carrier for 3 years, however, we have found of all the baby carriers we stock, it has the smallest back range, so really 18 months-2 years we find it in reality.

The best baby carrier really depends on the baby and you, but overall the new Ergobaby Omni 360 would be considered their best carrier yet. Closely followed by the Ergobaby Adapt Baby Carrier.

Washing Ergobaby Carriers

Like all baby carriers, we recommend washing the Ergo Baby Carrier in a machine. First, snap together all the buckles. Then place your Ergobaby in a pillow case (to protect the buckles). Then a gentle wash in the machine.

To save washing your baby carrier frequently we highly recommend purchasing teething pads for baby to chew on. These simply attach to the straps of your Ergobaby and the baby chews happily on them!

Are all Ergobaby baby carriers from birth now with no need for an infant insert?

No. The Omni 360 and the Adapt don’t need an insert. The 360 All positions do still need an insert.

To keep your baby happy when carried in their Ergobaby you can attach lots of toys to the straps. Dummy clips usually work to attach the baby toys to your Ergobaby, this can’t really be done easily with baby slings and works better on buckle carriers.

If you need any baby-wearing advice, or specific Ergobaby advice just fill in our baby carrier questionnaire form!


Babywearing has been practiced for centuries around the world and with the advancement in technology, more and more advanced baby carriers for babywearing are made available on the market today.

These modern baby carriers are packed with features like adjustable straps, detachable hood, and many more and are ergonomically designed to provide maximum comfort for both parent and baby which allow babywearing for an extended number of hours.

Traditional carriers like baby slings are still available. The majority of these baby slings are made from eco-friendly materials like cotton, woven fabrics, and other specialized fabrics.

With babywearing, parents can lovingly carry their baby around their bodies for convenient hands-free parenting. To get started in babywearing, you need a high-quality baby carrier or baby sling to put your baby in.

Choosing the right baby carrier may be difficult for some because there are many baby carriers and baby slings out there. If you are on the fence on what type or brand of baby carrier you want to get for you and your baby, we highly recommend reading reviews about the baby carrier you’re interested in and making sure to do your own research on its features, materials, etc because most of these baby carriers don’t come cheap.

Why should you start wearing your baby in the first place?

Babywearing has gained popularity over the past few years because of the countless benefits it provides. It promotes and strengthens the bond between parent and baby which is important to the baby’s early development.

Carrying your baby quickly develops their sense of trust and security and helps in your baby’s emotional development.

Several studies have shown that babies cry less especially during the evening when frequently carried in a baby carrier or sling. Being carried makes a baby happy and when he/she is happy he/she spends more time in a quiet alert state which is the time when they learn the most and advance their learning abilities.

When babies spend more time learning and interacting with their environment, they develop their cognitive skills.

Parents are able to respond to babies’ cues when they wear their babies often. When parents carry their babies for extended hours, they will be able to tell when a baby needs feeding or changing nappies. This results in your baby gaining weight consistently.

Babywearing also helps prevent flat head syndrome or positional plagiocephaly.

This is caused when a baby spends too much time on their backs in cribs or beds or overused car and bouncy seats. You can avoid the constant pressure placed on the back of your baby’s head while promoting natural head development by carrying your baby regularly.


Parents can continue doing chores around the house by wearing their babies. They have both their hands free to tend to everyday tasks and makes it easy to care for other children for parents with more than one child.

The Ergobaby is synonymous with quality, comfort, and safety and when it comes to carrying your baby, that should be your priority. We love the Ergo Baby carrier because it is comfortable and versatile, very hard-working and is backed up with a full guarantee.

But, unlike some carriers which will only last a few months, the different carrying positions mean that it will last from newborn up to toddler, keeping both you and baby safe and comfortable for nearly 3 years. If you break that down into a price per day, then yes it’s worth every penny!

Baby carriers help parents get things done even when their children are fussy or clingy. The Ergobaby 360 is a safe carrier that can be used by babies from day one. It can also be used by babies up to 45 pounds.

Closeness to Baby

Babies love to snuggle close to you, but in prams this is impossible. Baby carriers allow you to give them all the snuggles, whilst getting on with the shopping or even just going for a nice walk. This really helps them to settle and to feel secure.

From about six months they tend to get a lot nosier and begin to try and look at what you are doing. Their moving their heads back and forth trying to get out is a perfectly natural progression for them as they want to experience the world more. The beauty of the Ergobaby is that it allows babies to face outward and still be able to sit up and turn around.

The Ergobaby 360 can be used by babies as young as four months, but you’ll need to purchase a separate infant insert to use it with. All babies should always start with facing inward position Once your baby is able to sit up and turn around on their own, you can then put them in the front facing outward position. From about 8 months you can try the back carry, with their face facing your back. Never carry them on your back with their face facing the world.

The great thing about the Ergobaby, which makes it worth every penny is how comfortable it is for both you and your babyThe adjustable straps make it easy to find the right fit for you and your child. Even with big children, you can carry them comfortably for long periods.

Some other specifications of the Ergobaby 360 are:

Suitable for children up to 45 pounds

ErgoPromise guarantees that it will provide a lifetime of support.

A privacy hood is a device that is used to protect a building from the elements.

Machine washable

The cons are that it’s a little hard to use ar first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s not too bad. My biggest complaint about the Ergobaby 360 is that it does not have a pocket for things to be stowed away when not in use.

The Ergobaby 360 is a great choice for parents who want to keep their hands free while they’re on the go, and we feel it is worth the money!

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