What Is the Best Doll for a 2 Year Old?




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Best Dolls for Toddlers

As parents we want the best for our children, from feeding them food that will nourish their growing bodies to giving them the best toys that will stimulate development and encourage learning through play.

Playing with dolls has many benefits for both boys and girls.

Roleplay with dolls helps children learn about caring for something, enabling them to understand about empathy and responsibility.

Dressing a doll requires fine motor skills that are needed for writing and playing instruments as well as helping them learn how to get themselves dressed.

And interaction with dolls encourages imaginative play, vocabulary and social skills as well as offering comfort and a great way of working through difficult situations that might be hard for them to understand and process through conversation alone.

By the age of two children are beginning to get more complex and creative in the way the play. They are beginning to understand the order of things and will act out situations they see in real life.

There vocabulary will be increasing at a rapid rate over the coming months as they start to speak in full sentences. Playing with dolls is a great way to practise language and learn the words for body parts and clothes as well as needs and emotions.

At this age a toddler is also really starting to develop a sense of self. And so a doll can be a baby to care for or a partner in crime depending on the game they are playing.

Of course, they are still little at this age so you’ll want to choose a doll they can easily carry and manipulate on their own. And they are still fairly likely to explore things with their mouths so safe materials and no choking hazards are a must.

So what is the best doll for a 2-year-old to play with?

When choosing a doll, you might be looking for a baby doll, one that they can feed or change a nappy for. Or an older looking doll that is more like them.

We love the Rubens baby dolls as they are anatomically correct (little ones love this), weighted (so they feel like you are carrying a real baby), and have some great accessories available including the much-loved pee and poop set.

These really are the perfect doll for any age to cuddle and as well as being great for children they are also popular therapy dolls for people with Alzheimers and dementia. The beautiful hand-embroidered eyes are full of character and not a bit creepy like some of the plastic dolls. And we love the fact that they can stick their tongues out and suck their thumbs.

We also love the fact that these baby dolls are available as boys and girls and with different skin tones so you can find a doll that is either very similar to your child or go with something completely different.

Handmade with love these dolls have also been said to contain magic sleep dust! The soft body and comforting weight seem to make these dolls perfect to snuggle up to at the end of a long day playing together.

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