What Are Good Eco-Friendly Christening Gifts?




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What are good eco-friendly christening gifts

The good news is that most traditional Christening gifts are meant to be kept so they don’t end up in the bin a year down the line. However silver, like anything that has to be mined to get it out of the ground, comes with environmental concerns. Although it can be recycled and is unlikely to be thrown away even if it doesn’t end up being kept.

However if you’ve decided you would like to give a gift with the best possible eco-credentials we have great ideas for you.

Eco-Friendly Heirloom Toys

Giving a toy that can be loved and played with by the child but is high enough quality to be handed down to their own children makes the perfect christening gift.

If the child is being baptised a wooden Noah’s Ark set of even a wooden nativity set could be a lovely gift and be a nice alternative to a bible or prayer book while still sticking to a religious theme.

You can get great shaper sorter toys that babies can play with from a young age, gorgeous hand-carved animals that will be treasured for years or even display sets that can be enjoyed now and played with when children get a bit older.

A nativity makes a wonderful gift as it becomes part of a families annual traditions that will be enjoyed year after year. Buying a high-quality wooden version also means that it can be played with making it much for fun for little ones and a great way of teaching the Christmas story.

If you are attending a baptism but are not Christian or you’re attending a naming ceremony instead there are lots of other gorgeous wooden toys.

We love a Grimms rainbow and think they make great gifts for any occasion. The fact that they look gorgeous makes them great for having on display in a nursery when a baby is small, and they provide hours of entertainment as they get older.

Other great options include a rocking horse, any of the beautiful wooden stacking toys, a money box or a soft doll. We particularly love the Reubens eco-buds and mini eco-buds as they can be given to babies straight away and are just too gorgeous not to love.

And if you just want a small token gift a wooden or natural rubber teether could be ideal.

Other eco-friendly gift ideas

If the idea of toys doesn’t fill you with joy there are plenty of other eco-friendly gift ideas. You could gift a tree to plant or plant a tree for them somewhere special. You could gift membership to the national trust or similar. Or you could pop some money in an account for when they reach 18.

Another idea that we love is to give a voucher for reusable nappies. This way you’ll be saving the parents loads of money and saving hundreds if not thousands of nappies from landfill.

And remember whether you give christening gifts is entirely up to you. A pledge of your time and a card to mark the occasion might be the most eco-friendly gift of all.

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