Should You Shower After a Bath Bomb?




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Soaking in the bathtub with bath bombs is a good way to relax. You will feel relieved from stress caused by daily pressure. As a matter of fact, for those people who use bath bombs most often, they said that they love and enjoy it because indulging in it makes their skin soft, glowing and healthy.

If you don’t know what a bath bomb is, it’s a fizzy tablet or ball that you place in your bathtub, after which the fizzing dissolves the ball into the water creating a colorful and soothing experience. Most bath bombs contain different natural ingredients like essential oils.

Should you use bath bombs?

Yes, because there are many benefits to using bath bombs. Bath bombs are made mostly from natural ingredients.

These ingredients are usually good at moisturising the skin thus preventing dryness and leaving it soft and smooth. Other ingredients speed up repair of damaged skin as well as help soothe irritated skin.

Some bath bombs especially those with lavender oil are good for relaxation. There’s no better way to loosen up after a tiring day at work than marinating yourself with bath bombs in your bathtub.

However, you should still need to check the ingredients of the bath bomb. Because while they’re mostly natural, you might be allergic to some of them.

Do you need to take a shower after bathing in bath bombs?

You don’t necessarily need to take a shower after using a bath bomb in the bathtub. Remember that bath bombs contain all kinds of essential oils which are good for the skin. So showering after using a bath bomb would remove these essential oils from your skin.

However, you can take a short shower if you really want to. You can do so especially if the scent of the bath bomb you used is strong for your nose. And if there are residues like colours and glitter clinging on your skin. You can easily wash them off in the shower.

Do you need to use soap with a bath bomb?

Generally, bath bombs clean your skin. But it entirely depends on the bath bomb’s ingredients.

You might need mild soap if you feel like you need to take a shower after using a bath bomb especially if you want to remove any residue from your skin that might’ve gotten from the bath bomb.

Can bath bombs damage your hair?

Generally, bath bombs can’t cause damage to your hair. They’re made from natural ingredients and these ingredients are very mild. If your bath bomb contains citric acid it might potentially lower the pH level of your hair but it couldn’t cause any long term damage if you do a quick rinse of your hair. You still shouldn’t wash your hair with bath bomb water though, so keep that in mind.

However, if you’re concerned about damaging your hair while soaking in a bath bomb you can bun your hair on the top of your head (if you have long hair) or use a shower cap.

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