Should You Burn Candles in Your Bedroom?




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Scented Candles

Scented candles have long been used to simulate desired moods. Some fragrances like lavender, geranium, bergamot, and chamomile are known to induce sleep. Therefore, many people do or are tempted to burn such candles in their bedrooms. Nonetheless, whether or not you should burn candles is a question that lingers in many; and speaking of candles, at Baba Me, we sell the best natural soy wax candles. Grab your favorite fragrance today at an affordable price.

So, is it safe to burn candles in your bedroom? The answer is not exactly straightforward; some people will say you should; others will tell you shouldn’t. Nonetheless, you can burn candles in your bedroom, but you will have to consider several safety factors.

1. Don’t leave candles burning in the room

A candle is still an open flame, and it is crucial to keep an eye on it in case something goes wrong, and a lot can go wrong. That way, you will be in a position to take immediate action.

2. Keep the candle away from drafts, curtains, and other flammable stuff

Avoid putting your scented candles on a windowsill- a breeze can blow the curtains into it, causing a fire. Also, do not place it near bedrooms items that tend to catch fire quickly like pillows, bedding, clothing, and those books and magazine you like reading before sleeping.

3. Put the candle in the middle of a stable table

Do not put the scented candles near the edge of your bedroom table to reduce the risk of falling over. Also, ensure the table is stable to prevent the scented candles from tipping.

4. Do not leave the candle burning while sleeping

As stated earlier, aromas like lavender simulate sleep. Therefore, it is quite possible to fall asleep when burning scented candles, leaving the scented candles unattended. It’s for this reason that some people would strongly advise against burning scented candles in your bedroom. Therefore, it is essential for those burning candles in their bedrooms to put off the candle once you start feeling drowsy.

But what happens when you accidentally fall asleep and leave the candle burning? Rule 2 and 3 should keep you safe. Also, some candles come in jars; ceramic or tin jars. Therefore, in case the candle burns all the way down, the flame will not come into contact with your table. Nonetheless, leaving a candle unattended is still a risk no matter how many safety measures you put in place. Therefore, always make sure to extinguish the candle before going to sleep.

Since you can burn candles in your bedroom, here are a few scented candles that will help you get that desired relaxing fragrance;

  • Enchanted Candle Lavender- This lavender-scented soy wax candle burns for 27 hours and comes in a beautiful bowl or square jar made with real lavender flowers.

  • Aromatherapy Candles- Peace- This fragrance combines the relaxing scents of Lavender and Geranium that will soothe you into a peaceful sleep.

  • Aromatherapy Candles- Be Chilled- This one combines Lavender with Fennel to promote a sense of calm.

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