Fun Outdoor Snow Activities for Preschoolers: Keep Them Active and Engaged



Outdoor Snow Activities

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Outdoor snow activities for preschoolers transform winter’s chill into a playground of frosty fun. Ever caught the gleam in your preschooler’s eye at the sight of a fresh blanket of snow, and pondered how best to transform that white canvas into a wonderland of fun? If so, you’re not alone. With the world transformed under a snowy layer, countless opportunities arise for chilly adventures and frosty play.

Fortunately, the snowy season offers an array of activities that can captivate the imagination of young minds while keeping their little fingers and toes wiggling with excitement.

As an expert in early childhood play and seasonal activities, I’ve curated a list of snow-centric pursuits perfect for preschoolers, combining the thrill of winter with playful learning.

Let’s embark on this icy expedition, ensuring your child’s snowy days are filled with giggles, discoveries, and rosy-cheeked memories.

Fun Snow Activities for Preschoolers

Try some of these fun things on your next snow day:

  1. Snowman Building: Classic activity using sticks, rocks, and scarves for decoration.
  2. Snow Painting: Fill spray bottles with water and food coloring and let kids paint the snow.
  3. Snow Angels: Lie down and make wing patterns in the snow.
  4. Snowy Treasure Hunt: Hide toys or colored ice cubes and let them seek.
  5. Snowball Target Toss: Set up targets and toss snowballs to hit them.
  6. Tobogganing: Slide down gentle hills on sleds or toboggans.
  7. Animal Track Detective: Look for animal footprints and guess the creature.
  8. Snow Fort or Igloo Building: Construct using snow blocks or packed snow.
  9. Snowflake Catching: Use black construction paper to catch and observe snowflakes.
  10. Bubbles in the Cold: Blow bubbles and watch them freeze in cold temperatures.
  11. Ice Jewelry Crafting: Freeze colored water with string to create pendants.
  12. Frosty Nature Walk: Explore and discuss how the environment changes with snow.
  13. Snow Volcanoes: Make mounds of snow with baking soda inside and pour colored vinegar for an eruption.
  14. Snow Maze: Create a fun path or maze for kids to follow.
  15. Winter Picnic: Pack a thermos of hot cocoa and enjoy a snowy picnic.
  16. Ice Skating: On safe, shallow, and well-checked surfaces, try beginner ice skating.
  17. Snow Drumming: Use sticks to drum on different snowy surfaces and listen to the sounds.
  18. Frozen Sun Catchers: Fill pie tins with water, leaves, berries, and a hanging string; freeze and hang.
  19. Snowball Bowling: Use a snowball as the bowling ball and bottles as pins.
  20. Winter Bird Feeders: Make simple bird feeders with seeds and hang them up to attract winter birds.

Fun Snow Activities for Preschoolers

Snow Angels

Building a Snowman

Building a snowman is a classic fun winter activities that kids love and one of the first things we all do on snow days in the cold weather. Encourage your preschooler to help you roll the snowballs, stack them up, and decorate the snowman with sticks, stones, and other natural materials. You can also use fruits and vegetables or even glow sticks to create a funny face for the snowman.

Snow Angels

Snow angels are a fun and easy activity that preschoolers can do on their own. Have your child lie down on their back in the fresh snowfall and move their arms and legs up and down to create the angel shape. Once they’re done, help them up and admire their creation. Remember that the snow is freezing temperatures so ensure they are well wrapped up for winter play in the snow.

Snow Castle

If your preschooler loves building with blocks, they’ll love building a snow castle. Use buckets and shovels to create blocks of snow, and stack them up to create a castle. You can also use cookie cutters to create different shapes for the castle walls which helps develop fine motor skills.

child building snow castles

Winter Scavenger Hunt

Take your preschooler on a winter scavenger hunt to explore the outdoors. Make a list of items to find, such as pinecones, icicles, and animal tracks. You can also include items like a red cardinal or a snowman to make it more fun.

Snow Maze

Create a snow maze for your preschooler to navigate. Use shovels to create the walls of the maze, and encourage your child to find their way through. You can also create a treasure hunt within the maze to make it more exciting.

Snowball Toss

Snowball toss is a fun activity that preschoolers can do with a partner. Have them stand a few feet apart and toss snowballs back and forth. You can also set up targets to make it more challenging when throwing snowballs. Snowball fights are some of my happiest childhood memeroies.

Snow Art

Use food coloring and water to create snow paint. Encourage your preschooler to use the paint to create colorful designs in the snow. You can also use spray bottles filled with colored water to create a snow mural.

Ice Art

Fill containers with water and freeze them overnight. Once the ice is formed, take them out and let your preschooler use salt, food coloring, and other materials to create ice art. You can also use cookie cutters to create different shapes.

Snowflake Study

Take a magnifying glass and explore the snowflakes. Look at the different shapes and patterns and talk about how each snowflake is unique. You can also use paper and scissors to create your own paper snowflakes.

Winter Solstice Exploration

Celebrate the winter solstice by exploring the outdoors. Talk about how the days are shorter and the nights are longer during the winter months. You can also make sun catchers to celebrate the return of the sun.

Winter Olympics Theme

Create your own winter Olympics with your preschooler. Set up different stations for activities like snowball toss, snowshoeing, and ice skating. You can also create medals for the winners.

Snow Volcano

Create a snow volcano by packing snow around a cup. Pour baking soda into the cup and then pour vinegar on top. Watch as the snow volcano erupts.

Ice Suncatcher

Create a beautiful ice suncatcher by filling a container with water and adding natural materials like pinecones, leaves, and berries. Freeze it overnight and then take it out of the container. Hang it in a sunny window and watch as the sunlight shines through the ice.

Bird Feeders

Help your preschooler create bird feeders by using pinecones, peanut butter, and birdseed. Hang them outside and watch as the birds come to eat.

Ice Skating

Take your preschooler ice skating at a local rink. Hold their hand as they learn to skate and enjoy the winter fun.

Snow Treasure Hunt

Create a snow treasure hunt by burying items like toys or treats in the snow. Give your preschooler a map to follow and encourage them to find the treasure, which will keep the kids occupied and in the fresh air for a good while.

Follow the Leader

Take turns being the leader and create a snow obstacle course. Jump over snow piles, crawl under branches, and slide down hills.

Frozen Bubble Play

Blow bubbles outside on a cold day and watch as they freeze into frozen bubbles and create beautiful shapes.

Frozen Bubble Play

Snow Ice Cream

Make snow ice cream by mixing snow, milk, sugar, and vanilla extract. It’s a fun and tasty treat for a snowy day.

Maple Syrup Snow Candy

Pour maple syrup on fresh snow and let it cool. Once it hardens, it creates a delicious and sweet treat, perhaps serve it with some lovely hot chocolate.

Snow Kitchen

If you have a mud kitchen, just turn it into a snow kitchen and use snow inside the pies instead of mud pies. You can use the same mud kitchen recipes, just swap out the mid for real snow!

Enjoy the winter wonderland with your preschooler and have fun trying out these snow activities for kids for some happy toddler playtime!

Frequently Asked Questions on Best Snow Activity fr Toddlers

What are some fun outdoor snow activities that preschoolers can enjoy?

Preschoolers can have a blast playing in the snow! Some fun outdoor snow activities for preschoolers include building a snowman, making snow angels, having a snowball fight, and going sledding. You can also try making a snow fort or igloo, going on a winter scavenger hunt, or even painting the snow with food coloring or watercolors.

How can I make outdoor snow activities safe for my preschooler?

Safety is important when it comes to outdoor snow activities, especially for preschoolers. Make sure your child is dressed warmly and in layers, with waterproof boots and gloves. Always supervise your child when they are playing in the snow, and be sure to set boundaries and rules. Avoid areas with steep hills or bodies of water, and watch out for signs of frostbite or hypothermia.

What are some easy winter crafts for preschoolers to make with snow?

Crafts can be a fun way for preschoolers to get creative with snow. Some easy winter crafts for preschoolers include making snow globes, snowflake ornaments, and snowmen out of cotton balls or paper. You can also try making snow paint by mixing food coloring with water and snow, or making snow sculptures using molds or cookie cutters.

What are some popular winter games that preschoolers can play outdoors?

Preschoolers can have a blast playing games in the snow! Some popular winter games for preschoolers include snowball toss, snowball relay race, and snowman tag. You can also try playing freeze tag, making a snow maze, or having a snowball target practice.

Are there any local places that offer outdoor winter activities for preschoolers?

Many local parks and recreation centers offer outdoor winter activities for preschoolers, such as sledding, ice skating, and snowshoeing. You can also check with local zoos or nature centers, as they may have winter-themed activities or events for young children.

What are some indoor activities that can be done after playing in the snow with preschoolers?

After a day of playing in the snow, preschoolers may need some indoor activities to warm up and wind down. Some indoor activities for preschoolers include making hot cocoa and reading winter-themed books, doing winter crafts or puzzles, or playing board games or card games. You can also try watching a winter-themed movie or having a winter-themed dance party.

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