Making Your Own Dolls House Furniture and Accessories



Making Your Own Dolls House Furniture and Accessories

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DIY Dolls House Furniture and Accessories

There are so many delightful options when it comes to furnishing your dolls house with lots and lots of adorable wooden dolls house furniture sets available in loads of different styles.

However, making furniture and accessories can be a fun activity, save you a few pennies, and make your dolls house truly unique.

There are loads of ideas online for making your own DIY dolls house furniture and accessories, ranging from detailed tutorials to help you create beautiful wooden dressers and simple projects that need nothing more than a glue gun, some fabric scraps and the contents of the recycling bin.

Depending on your miniature DIY skills there are lots of options and tutorials for making dolls house furniture online.

If you happen to have a little tool kit and a glue gun then buying some balsa wood and lollypop sticks can be great for making simple furniture. And fabric scraps can be used to upholster cushions or make mini deck chairs for the garden.

A lolly stick picket fence and a couple of deck chairs could be just what your dolls house needs to get ready for summer.

Polymer Clay Accessories

If you are good at tiny detailed tasks and the kids happen to have some polymer clay you can make some amazing miniature food and decoration items for your dolls house. Think tiny macaroons and cupcakes for an afternoon tea, or a vase full of beautiful flowers for the kitchen table.

You could make some great bathroom accessories as well such as bars of soap or rubber ducks for the bath. And even pots and plants for the garden.

Just be careful if you have very young children as accessories of this size are infinitely swallowable.

Up-cycle your rubbish into furniture and accessories

With a bit of creativity and patience there are lots of options for turning trash into treasure for your dolls house.

Match boxes make a great set of drawers, a kitchen size matchbox could make a cosy bed, and bigger boxes can even be wallpapered, stuck together and turned into a whole house or a very nice extension.

A bottle top can be a clock or the seat for a stool with a bit of imagination. A coaster can be turned into a great coffee table. And a detergent bottle could be the perfect size for a dolls bath.

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