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Maebh Collins: The Heart and Soul of Baba Me

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A Passion for Sustainable Living and Natural Parenting
Maebh Collins is not just the entrepreneurial spirit behind Baba Me; she’s a fervent advocate for sustainable living and natural parenting. Her journey, spanning over two and a half decades, began with a deep dive into the world of slings, baby carriers, and cloth nappies. These simple yet profound tools have since changed the lives of countless families worldwide.

Personal Journey: A Mother’s Touch
As a proud mother of four, Maebh’s personal parenting experiences have profoundly shaped Baba Me’s ethos. Her hands-on approach and insights into parenting have been fundamental in steering the brand’s vision and values. Her children have always been the product testers and we have a simple motto, if the products are not good enough for them, they are not good enough.

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The Evolution of Baba Me

From a Local Initiative to an Online Sensation
The year 2003 marked a pivotal point for Maebh. She initiated “The Natural Baby Resource” at a local farmers market, introducing a range of cloth nappies, baby carriers, slings, and products aligned with natural parenting. The overwhelming positive response soon led to the launch of an online store, which would later transform into the beloved brand Baba Me.

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Baba Me: A Symphony of Sustainable Choices
Starting with a carefully selected assortment of baby carriers, cloth nappies, traditional wooden toys, and eco-friendly home items, Baba Me has evolved into a haven for eco-conscious families. Each product and service offered is a testament to Maebh’s commitment to quality and sustainability.

Maebh’s Expertise and Contributions

Certifications and Educational Endeavors
Maebh’s expertise is backed by her impressive credentials. She is a Certified Babywearing Consultant with Trageschule UK and a Baby Carrying consultant with Slingababy. Her passion for sharing knowledge culminated in co-founding Baby Carrier Training in 2016, where she offers training and peer supporter courses to parents.

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Beyond Business: A Trailblazer in Sustainable Parenting

Inspiring a Green, Conscious Lifestyle
Maebh Collins is more than a businesswoman; she is a visionary in sustainable parenting. Her journey, characterized by passion, innovation, and steadfast dedication to eco-friendly practices, continues to motivate numerous families to adopt a more mindful and green lifestyle.

Discover More About Maebh’s Journey
To delve deeper into the world of sustainable parenting and learn more about Maebh Collins’ inspiring journey, visit

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