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How to Care for bumGenius Nappies

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If you have recently welcomed a bundle of joy into your life and chosen to use cloth diapers, you will want to read on. In this blog post, we will discuss the ins and outs of caring for bumGenius cloth diapers. We will cover everything from washing to drying to storing them.

By following these simple tips, you can ensure that your cloth diapers stay in great condition and keep your baby’s bottom clean and dry!

Wash your bumGenius nappies separately from other laundry, using a regular cold rinse cycle followed by a hot wash with a mild detergent and no fabric softeners or bleach.

Tumble dry on low or hang dry to protect the materials and extend the life of your nappies, and avoid drying them in direct sunlight or high heat.

Store your bumGenius nappies in a dry and airy place, away from direct sunlight or heat sources, and avoid using any harsh chemicals or diaper creams that could damage the absorbent materials.

The Ins and Outs of Caring for Your bumGenius Cloth Diapers

Caring for your bumGenius nappies is quite simple. Ensure that they are washed well (see below), they are not tumbled dried and they are stored in a dry place. Do not use any nappy creams which contain zinc or petroleum in, these will clog stop the nappies from being able to absorb. Also never use any fabric conditioners with bumGenius nappies.

When you first receive the nappies you need to prewash once (except elemental, see below) to remove any manufacturing residue. 

Do you have to wash pocket nappies after every use?

Yes. I’ve had parents tell me they just remove the insert and reuse the pocket cover. Please don’t. These nappies are designed to be all in one nappy, you need to change the whole nappy at each change. 

How to Wash bumGenius pocket nappies

When you have changed the pocket nappy take the following steps.
1. Flush any solids down the toilet. You can do this by shaking the solid into the toilet then flushing. If you have used a paper liner check if this liner is suitable for flushing, most are not. Remove your inserts from inside the pocket and store them separately. You don’t have to use this but they tend to get a better wash if you pull them out prewashing. 

  1. Once you have removed the ‘solids’ put the nappy into your nappy bag or nappy bucket, depending on which you use. You do NOT SOAK your bumGenius pockets. Leaving them soaking in solids will destroy the waterproof laminate on them. Just ‘dry pail’ or dry store them.
  2. When you are ready to wash, put your whole nappy bag into the washing machine, or if using a nappy bucket your nappy mesh.
  3. Put them on a prewash cycle to rinse through. Then a normal wash at 40 or 60 with your normal amount of washing powder. It is important that you use enough washing powder to clean them thoroughly but do not leave any washing powder residue. To check this, when washed they should smell of ‘nothing’. If you can smell lovely fresh powder, you have used too much.
  4. You can then line dry your nappies. The inserts can be tumbled dried, they are fairly hardy. However the pocket ‘outer’ should not be tumble dried as this will wreck it.

How to wash bumGenius Freetime

For the bumGenius elemental, freetime and little nappies it’s more or less the same as above except you don’t need to remove the inserts. 

How to wash bumGenius Elemental

The elemental is an organic nappy so when you first receive the nappy you will need to bring the nappies up to full absorbency. This means removing any natural oils contained within the cotton. So hot wash up to 10 times (you can use the nappy after one wash but remember each time you wash it for the first 10 times you add about 10% absorbency).

Once all the natural oils have been removed, then wash as above. You can tumble dry this nappy on low setting but remember using the tumble drier will reduce the life of all nappies.


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