How can I stop my period leaking?




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How can I stop my period leaking?

Is there anything worse than when you discover blood on your underwear, bottoms or bed sheets? Forget cramps, food cravings and mood swings, a public leak or starting your period while wearing white pants is the stuff that nightmares are made of! However, we can assure you that if you are experiencing annoying period leaks, you are not alone. Here we take a look at why period leaks happen, along with some tips to stop it.

Period leakage is particularly common at night time, since you are laying down for a prolonged period, causing blood to pool and sometimes gush. It can take some trail and error to stay dry the whole night, but never mind- we are here to help you rest easy!

Is it normal to leak on your period?

Absolutely! Leaking while on your period is incredibly common, especially during your first period while you are getting used to how your body works. That said, it happens to all of us at some time or other, and, for some people, can be a regular hindrance.

The best way to prevent period leaks during the day is to pay close attention to your menstrual cycle and get to know your menstrual flow. Something as simple as swapping to a longer pad or changing to a different product may be the solution.

Why does my period blood leak to the back?

This will be down to your own body movements, and is particularly common at night, and for those who experience heavier periods.

If you seem to leak to the back, add some extra coverage to the back. Wearing tampons or using a menstrual cup might also help, particularly if you have a heavy flow. Whether you are using a pad or tampon, try to increase absorbency.

When I stand up my period gushes?

Again, an annoying but very common phenomenon! The best way to get around this is again to use an internally worn method of period protection, such as tampons or a menstrual cup. These gather the menstrual flow inside, so you shouldn’t have that horrible sensation when you stand up!

Alternatively, it’s probably best to carry an extra pair of underwear and an extra pad with you so that you’re at least prepared to deal with any unprecedented period leakage.

What causes heavy menstrual flow?

We all have our own unique bodies and hormones, and it seems that many girls tend to take after their mothers in terms of onset of the first period, along with period heaviness.

Heavy periods aren’t an issue for your well being as such- unless you find that you are feeling unwell, unable to manage daily activities or are bleeding very excessively, saturating pads within an hour or two, for example. If you think you might be impacted by heavy periods, speak to your gp to discuss medical solutions- medications such as birth control can be prescribed to help, improving well being.

If your flow is heavy, double up

Don’t get caught out finding yourself having to use toilet paper as a booster to your period product of choice- you can prevent period leaks by doubling up on products, for example wearing a tampon or cup, and a night time pad as a back up.

Period pants are a great back up, whether your wear tampons, a cup or indeed a pad- simply place a pad in to the pats, and when that needs changing, you can either replace with a new pad or just rely on the period pants to do their thing alone!

Why is my period heavier at night?

Period leaks are common, especially at night. This isn’t necessarily because your period flow is heavier, but because you are laying down- the blood flows differently to what you’re used to during the day.

Additionally, where you change your pad frequently doing the day and also feel the menstrual fluid fall, as you sleep soundly you have no awareness that your period protection is reaching is limit and that a period leak is imminent!

When you get up in the morning, period leaks are common because the blood can gush. It’s therefore best to get up slowly.

How do you stop your period leaking at night?

Here are a few general tips to prevent those annoying period leaks:

  • To prevent period leaks, always change your pad, period panties or tampon right before bed.
  • Use extra precautions such as a mattress protector or dark towel to prevent blood stains on your mattress or bed sheet. Stained underwear is also less of an issue if you opt for dark undies!
  • Be aware of where you are in your menstrual cycle, and choose the right absorbency period product to suit. A night time pad is often the best idea for the extra length.
  • Your body movements are important, so try swapping your sleeping positions- try laying on your side with knees together and tucked to your abdominal muscles.

Cloth pads and Period leaks

If you’re using pads, whether disposable or cloth pads opt for night time pads- these are better at preventing period leakage because they have more absorbency to handle heavy flow. Overnight pads are also longer and normally have wings, offering more protection against leaks at the front, back and sides. Even if you have lighter periods, the extra length offered by overnight pads can help offset leaks that occur overnight due to shifts in sleeping position and the resulting pooling of blood. Wear slightly tight underwear to prevent pads from shifting.

If you continue to struggle with period leaks, consider period undies– our period pants offer front to back protection, so are less prone to leaking than pads can be.

Tampons and period leakage

Remember that 8 hours is the maximum amount of time that tampons should be worn- if you sleep less than this time, tampons can be used. If you have very heavy flow, you can use an overnight pad as extra protection to stop period leaking. You may also want to consider swapping to a menstrual cup- menstrual cups can hold of to three times the amount of period blood a pad or tampon can, plus they are kind to the environment! They can also be worn for up to 12 hours, longer than tampons.

Don’t worry about leaks

Here’s the most important takeaway from this post- period leaks are normal, and nothing to be embarrassed about.

That said, you deserve to feel confident every day of your cycle, so if period leaks are becoming a common occurrence, it’s time to do something about it. Thankfully, there are plenty of solutions to stop them from happening! Listen to your body and you can’t go far wrong. 

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