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benefits of block play

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The benefits of playing with building blocks

Block play might seem like such a simple activity and yet playing with wooden building blocks offers so many developmental benefits both physically and cognitively.

Building blocks come in many shapes and sizes from simple blocks of wood to clever magnetic blocks or plastic blocks like Lego that click together. Whatever form they come in they can be powerful learning tools as well as great fun to play with.

The benefits of block play include:

  • Improving fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.
  • Improving cognitive skills including spatial awareness and problem-solving.
  • Improving imagination and creativity.
  • Encouraging maths, science, and engineering skills.
  • Building self-esteem.

Physical benefits of playing with wooden building blocks

Building blocks can be enjoyed from a young age and a great toy for encouraging physical development and practising key skills.

When kids place one block on top of another they are practising their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Building a tower improves their spatial awareness and teaches about balance.

Even before babies are able to stack the blocks themselves they love to knock them over which teaches cause and effect as well as gross motor skills as they knock the tower over and crouch to pick up the blocks that have scattered.

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