Are Magnetic Boards Safe for Toddlers?




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The concept of magnetism is just so cool and magnets are truly incredible things. That’s why children are fascinated with them. Children love to see how they pick up nails, paper clips and other randomly magnetic objects. It is always fun to experiment with placement of magnets to learn how some things stick and some things do not.

Magnets for kids is the best way to encourage children’s scientific curiosity. These toys are sets of practical hands-on activities that encourage experimentation with the effects of magnetism, one of the most simple yet fascinating scientific concepts used in our everyday lives.

Magnet toys like magnetic boards can be a lot of fun. These toys encourage children to use their imagination and creativity. Playing with these toys can also help children improve skills in other areas like language, fine motor, communication and more.

As interesting and fascinating magnets are, there are many concerns regarding how safe they are as toys for children. And rightfully so.

There are magnet toys that are marketed as children’s toys that are made from high-powered magnets. These magnets are more powerful than usual and are made from rare earth metals.

Since many educational institutions around the world are making a push towards STEM learning, these magnet toys are even advertised as STEM learning toys. Most of the time, these toys come in several small magnets in the form of a small ball and are very flexible and what kids can do with them.

Regardless of their developmental value, these toys are extremely dangerous especially if they are swallowed by a child. They can stick together and cause all sorts of trouble for your child. When ingested, they could cause bowel obstruction, internal bleeding and other life threatening conditions.

You should never buy toys that are made from high powered magnets. There are many child-friendly magnet toys on the market. And if you’re really not sure whether these magnet toys are safe or not, you should avoid buying any magnet toys altogether and that’s a good option.

If you want your child to experience the wonders of magnetism, buy magnet toys from reputable toymakers only. Generally, magnet toys like magnetic boards are safe for kids. And they should be designed for kids as well.

For example, Bigjigs magnet boards are good toys for children. These are fantastic early learning and development tools that encourage children to create their own stories based on their experiences or create one from their imagination.

Before buying any toys that have magnets on them, make sure to do your own research. Read product descriptions carefully and all materials should be listed on the packaging or product page. Read reviews from other parents to get an idea on what to expect from the toy.

Don’t leave your toddler unattended when playing with toys with magnets on them especially if your child has picked up the nasty habit of putting anything into his mouth. Also don’t let your child play with toys with any loose parts. Play with your child which is a good bonding moment between you and him.

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