Are Grimms Toys Worth the Money?




Are Grimms Toys Worth the Money?

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Grimms Toys

There is no arguing that Grimms make really beautiful wooden toys. They are handcrafted from sustainably sourced hardwoods, painted and finished by hand, and designed to really inspire and encourage creative and imaginative play in children of all ages.

These wooden Grimms toys are simple and tactile, they call out to be touched, and the natural finishes mean they are made for building and stacking with. The Grimms friends are simple and without features so it’s up to your child to create the characters. And Grimms make some amazing traditional baby toys including cars, rattles and a pull-along horse.

However handcrafted products do demand a higher price than mass-produced toys and wooden toys tend to be more expensive than plastic. And while Grimms toys are beautiful they are also pretty pricey and this can be off-putting particularly if you have a limited budget.

Now while we believe wholeheartedly that it is better to buy responsibly produced ethical toys like Grimms, both for our children and the planet. No-one should feel like they have to buy anything, especially if they don’t feel like it’s worth the money. So with that in mind here are a few reasons why we think Grimms are worth the money so you can make up your mind.

Grimms Toys are Designed to last for years

Grimms toys are designed to last for years. Not just in physical terms. Although they are great quality and tough enough to be kept and handed down through the generations. But also in terms of how long they will be played with and enjoyed.

The open-ended nature of these Grimms toys means they are likely to be a staple in the playroom for many years. And while the way children play with them over time is likely to change, and there may be months where certain toys go seemingly un-noticed, these are definitely Grimms toys that are fun for a wide age range.

The rainbows, building boards, semi-circles and boards, for example, will be played with in an entirely different way buy 2-year-olds and 10-year-olds. But both love these Grimms toys and enjoy the freedom and creativity that they inspire.

Responsibly and ethically made

This is an important factor in the price of Grimms toys. They are made from responsibly sourced hardwood, each rainbow is hand-cut from a single piece, and this wood is a valuable resource.

Grimms toys are also crafted in Germany and Bosnia where the company makes sure that working environments are of the highest standard and wages are fair. These toys really are made with love.

High Resale Value

Another great thing about Grimms toys is that they have a high resale value. So although the initial investment may seem high you can often sell them on for not much less than you paid for them providing your Grimms toys are in good condition.

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