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We have tons of wooden play food & accessories to choose from! We’ve got all of your favourite wooden play food for children, including pretend fruit and vegetables, cake slices, ice lollies breads and pastries. Our wooden toys range is made from high quality wood that will last for years. Whether it’s an apple or a cupcake, we have every type of wooden food toys they need to make their kitchen feel real! Let them practice their cooking skills with our great selection of wooden toy food. They can chop up some carrots or slice up some cheese – whatever they want! If you want to give your kids the chance to serve up their own meals or just enjoy playing with some fun new toys then this is the perfect place for you! With our great prices and fast shipping, it’s easy to get started today.

/wooden-food-play-kitchen-setDo you have a child who loves to pretend play with toy wooden food?

We’ve got all the toy wooden play food your child needs to serve up pretend meals for their friends. From fruits and veggies, meat and fish to an ice cream set, we have everything they need. Our play food toys are made from safe materials that are easy on children’s hands, so there won’t be any tears when it comes time for dinner, especially if its kids wooden pizza on the menu!

Young children can use our fruit basket as a centerpiece at mealtime or cut out sandwiches with our bread knife. And don’t forget about the fun they’ll have serving up wooden ice cream cones in their very own wooden play kitchen set! It’s never too early to start teaching your children how important healthy eating habits are – let us help you get started today! The best thing about role play food and pretend play food sets is they are learning toys, your children will learn so many skills whilst having hours and hours of endless fun! 

Combine the wooden pretend play food with a play shop and shopping trolley, or wooden toy tea set and hey presto a perfect little corner shop on your hands! Let their imagination run wild with these amazing toys as they will have hours of education play either pretend cooking or shopping! There are so many childrens pretend play benefits from playing with toy wooden food & kitchens. From social skills, communication to even maths! We have a wide range of food types in stock so they can even help them learn about nutrition or getting children to eat new foods, the choice is endless! The wooden tea sets and cake stands are perfect for an afternoon tea drink with their dollies! Or even our wooden birthday cake make a great toy for the dollies birthday! All the toys are designed for children’s hands so they can grasp them perfectly! 

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