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Tea time with Wooden Toys Tea Set

Your children will love playing with these beautiful toys that let them pretend they’re grown-ups having fun at their own tea party. They can serve up delicious treats like cake and cookies while sipping on some imaginary hot chocolate or juice. These playtime essentials will provide hours of entertainment for your kids as they host their very own tea parties! 

wooden-tea-setWooden Afternoon Tea Set for Amazing Pretend Play

We’ve got the perfect toy cake and cake accessories set for kids for every high tea occasion! Our range of Wooden Tea Set Toys includes everything from toy sets with teapot, tea bag, sugar pot, milk jug, wood tray and two cups and saucers, to wooden biscuits barrels, cake stands and wooden cakes with amazing colourful details that your child is sure to love. The choice is yours! We have a wide range of wooden kitchen accessories and play food set and the perfect play kitchen toy for every occasion!  On a side note, we LOVE the wooden tea bag toy from bigjigs, the perfect blend to serve in your wooden toy tea set for kids!

When their friends come to tea (or maybe just their pretty dolls!), they will have all the wooden tea set accessories they will possibly need for afternoon tea parties! From the kids children wooden pretend play sandwiches on plates to happy birthday cakes! If you are looking for a pink childrens wooden toy tea then we love the Bigjigs. This set is part of a wider kitchen set including pink wooden toaster and pink wooden kettle if you want to expland on your wooden play tea party set.

Tea Toys Pretend Play

Wooden toy tea sets for children make lovely gifts, these enduring toys never go out of fashion as kitchen role play is every popular and offer so much developmental play for all children. A kids wooden toy tea service set is probably our most wished for role play toy as the joy of tea set pretend play is enduring.

Small parts are included in some wooden tea set toys, which might be a choking hazard for children under the age of three so be careful when using a play tea set for under three years. 

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