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Wooden Hair Brushes

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If you’re like most people, you probably use a plastic hairbrush. But have you ever considered using a wooden hairbrush? Wooden hair brushes have many benefits that plastic hair brushes don’t have.

Do you want to get rid of those pesky plastic combs?

We have the perfect solution for you! Our range of environmentally friendly wooden hair brushes and combs are made with sustainable wooden materials. They’re all plastic free and eco-friendly!

The natural materials in wood have antibacterial properties that help fight against dandruff, lice, and other scalp irritations. Wood is also more gentle on the scalp than metal or plastic products!

You can use our products on your own hair or even give them as a gift to someone who is looking for an alternative to plastic combs.

These environmentally friendly hair brushes will make a great addition to any bathroom countertop. And they’re so much better than using those cheap plastic ones that break after just one use!

Top 5 Benefits of Switching To Wooden Combs & Brushes today:

1. Wooden hair brushes and combs are a sustainable, eco-friendly option

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly alternative to plastic brushes or metal combs, then a wooden hairbrush is the perfect solution for all hair types! Wood is a sustainable source so there is no plastic that accumulates on landfills and releases toxic fumes into the air.

2. They help to detangle hair without pulling or breaking strands

Most brushes and combs have metal or plastic bristles which can be harsh on your scalp. Plus the friction between these materials and your hair can cause breakage over time! Wooden bristles are softer than other materials so they don’t scratch delicate scalp tissue like metal or plastic would.

3. Increases Your Circulation for Healthy Scalp

A wooden hair brush not only increases blood flow to improve the health of your scalp but it’s great when dealing with issues such as flakiness due to dryness and itching caused by dermatological conditions like eczema, seborrheic dermatitis (a type of dandruff), etc…

Plus with wood being naturally antibacterial, you won’t have to worry about dandruff or lice spreading from brush to head.

4. Reduced Hair Loss

Using a sustainable brush or natural comb that is made of wood or has natural fibre bristles can be much kinder on your hair and scalp when compared with an environmentally unfriendly metal-toothed brush.

Since it helps to untangle knots and free your ahir without tugging on tangles, this type of comb can reduce the amount of hair you lose.

5. Add Shine to Your Locks

The sustainable wood bristles absorb the hair’s natural oils evenly and cover all their hair length leaving it naturally shiny and glossy. These oils help to dry and condition hair to add shine and shine. The oils add to the hair and soften the scalp so you have healthy shiny hair.

Regular brushing with sustainable bamboo or natural wooden options also stops your hair from looking dull, frizzy hair is tamed by the natural oils being spread along it.

If you have dry hair, the wood bristles will bring the natural oil and serum from the hair cuticles to the hair ends helping the dryness. They really are suitable for all hair, so what are you waiting for, get yourself a wooden hair brush today!

The healthiest hair tool in the world!

One of the benefits of using a wooden hair brush is that they are much gentler on your scalp. Plastic hair brushes can sometimes be too harsh on your scalp, causing irritation and even dandruff. Wooden hair brushes are much softer and will not cause any irritation.

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How to Choose a Hair Brush for Your Hair Type

Hair brushes come in many different shapes and sizes, and each type of brush is designed for a specific purpose. Choosing the right hair brush for your hair type can make a big difference in the way your hair looks and feels.

Curly Hair

Look for a larger-toothed comb to detangle curls and distribute natural oils.

Straight or fine hair

needs a more gentle touch so the bristles should be soft. Volume is key with voluminous hair so look for brushes that are long enough to make it to your roots.

A paddle brush is ideal for straight or smooth hair because it distributes natural oils from root to tip and helps tame flyaways.

Thick, coarse, wavy hair

You’ll need a large-toothed comb that can get through those tangles without breaking your strands off!

The soft bristles detangle your strands without pulling on them like metal brushes do, making combing through your mane much faster than traditional methods. Plus these combs last longer than plastic ones because they don’t scratch up against your scalp as you brush!

Plastic Free

Eco-Friendly hairbrushes and combs are a great alternative to traditional styling tools. Our brushes are made from 100% natural wood or bamboo so they will never rust or decay like other metals do when they come in contact with moisture in the air.

No Electric Shocks!

Wooden brushes and combs are popular for their natural benefits. They are a better option than plastic, which can cause static electricity in the hair and lead to breakage. They also stimulate scalp circulation while combing out tangles, so your head is healthier too!

Best Men’s Brushes

For men who need something strong enough to handle their thick, wavy hair look for a wooden brush with long bristles. The longer the better to make it through those tangles from root to tip!

Wooden combs are essential grooming tools for men who need something stronger and better quality but still gentle enough on their scalp and skin.

Best for Sensitive Skin

Wooden combs and brushes are the perfect choices for anyone who has sensitive skin or is prone to breakouts. Wood also does not get hot when heated up by blow dryers or straighteners, so you will never burn yourself on this type of brush!

What is a wood hairbrush?

Wooden brushes are usually almost entirely made from wood. Some other natural materials such as boar bristles are just as effective but are not suitable for vegans. Really wooden sticks tend to be wider apart hence good for comb or frizz when the hair is wet.

Beech sandalwood and bamboo are just some of the woods to mention, and a lot are made locally in the United Kingdom.

Wooden combs are made with 100% natural wood materials and come in multiple sizes for any length or thickness of hair without causing static.

How to Clean Wooden hairbrushes?

It is important to make sure you keep the brushes clean for maximum results.

First of all, you need warm soapy water in a washbasin. A sink works fine as well if there’s space enough for your brush to sit and soak

Wet the bristles with the solution. Gently massage it into both sides of every bristle making sure you don’t miss any. Keep working up a lather for before rinsing it off with warm water and leaving it to dry in the air

How to use a wood hair brush

Using a wooden brush is really easy simply brush as usual from the hair roots up. No need for putting together anything or hurrying because they will glide effortlessly through.

Your scalp will thank you for using natural products like these! Get an environmentally friendly hair brush today!

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