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Wooden farm sets are toys that are considered family heirlooms. They are timeless toys that are being passed from one generation to the next. Most toymakers make changes to their toys to meet the demands of modern consumers but the way children play these toys remain the same.

We’re sure that parents love farm toys as much as their kids. Most adults grew up playing them and some still have them stored in the basement. You can watch their faces light up as their children play with the same toys they played when they were little.

More Than Just Toys

Most children learn through play and many child experts agree. Children are drawn into role-playing because it allows them to use their creativity and expand their imagination. Role-playing provides a safe playing environment for children to explore new ideas. Acting out different scenarios let’s children experience different ranges of emotions while giving them the opportunity to see things in different perspectives.

Farm sets come in a wide range of variations. Some farm sets include small structures like stables, barns, deep well and farm animals. There are a few unique farm sets that come in a form of a sorter. One great example of this type of toy is BigJigs farm house sorter. So depending on the type of farm set, they are great teaching tools.

BigJigs Farm House Sorter is a fantastic toy to teach your children cause and effect. For instance, you can ask your child to fit an animal piece into the sorter. If it fits, you can explain why it fits and if it doesn’t you can ask your child to try a different piece until she finds the right one. This also helps teach your child how to be patient and to never give up easily. Give her compliments every time she fits a right piece into the sorter to boost her confidence and self-esteem.

Farm sets often come with pieces that are small enough for easy manipulation using your child’s tiny hands. For instance structures like barns have doors that can be opened or closed. As your child manipulates these toy pieces, she develops hand-eye coordination and fine-motor skills. She needs to develop these skills to perform simple actions like using a pair of scissors to cut a piece of paper or write using pencil when she grows older.

Choosing the Right Farm Set

While farm toys are great toys for little kids, you should still be careful when buying a set for your child. If your child is prone to putting things into her mouth, then you should check the warning label on the package of the farm set for any potential hazards. It’s also highly recommended to choose wooden farm sets over plastic ones. They’re good for the environment and their wooden texture and feel brings your child closer to nature. We particularly love toy brands like Ostheimer, BigJigs, Tidlo and Tenderleaf. These toymakers use responsibly sourced wood in their toys and you can be assured that their toys meet European safety standards.

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