Why Rag Dolls Are Great First Dolls for Babies




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A doll is a great gift for a baby. A soft doll can give comfort as well as being something to play with. And if you choose well can become a toy that is loved for years, if not decades to come.

Dolls are wonderful toys for encouraging children to be nurturing and loving, developing their empathy as well as social skills and practical skills such as self-care. But not all dolls are suitable for newborns or babies.

Rag dolls, or soft dolls, in general, are good because they tend to be lightweight, soft, and easy to hold. They can cuddle them constantly and take them everywhere. Whether that’s in their pushchair when they are little or off on adventures when they get bigger.

Because rag dolls are available in so many styles and designs there really is a doll for every taste. You can choose a traditional rag doll with woollen hair and colourful clothes, a beautiful organic cotton doll with neutral colours that is perfect for newborns, a princess or even a super funky tattoo doll with bright blue hair.

Rag dolls for little boys

Don’t let the boys miss out on the fun. Learning empathy through play is just as important for little boys as it is for girls and they can be just as nurturing and gentle when given the chance.

Little boys love a cuddle just as much as girls do and are just as fond of having a cuddly companion. Of course, not all boys are drawn to dolls, not all girls are either, but given half the chance little boys really do love them, which is why we are so pleased that both Big Jigs and Rubens have boy dolls.

Rag dolls for newborns

If you are buying a doll for a newborn you need to be particularly vigilant when it comes to any potentially loose parts. A hair bow that comes off to easily for example or eyes that are glued on and could come away if chewed.

The BigJigs rag dolls, Rubens Barn Eco Buds are suitable from birth and the Trudi tattoo dolls from 1 month so all make wonderful gifts for babies.

For newborns you might also like to look at the mini eco buds that are not only completely adorable but come with a special tie to attach them to a pram or cot. Not only are these little dolls the perfect size for newborns but they are made with organic cotton, stuffed with OEKO TEX 100 certified stuffing and a tree is planted for every one sold.

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