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Kids love dolls. But with so many types of doll available today you might imagine they wouldn’t be drawn to the simple rag doll.

The fact is that despite the appeal of flashy noisy toys that actively entertain them, children today aren’t really any different to children 100 years ago.

Kids love the familiar features of a doll and the softness of a rag doll, it inspires them to mimic the world around them as they play, and encourages them to use their imaginations as they play. Just as children have done for generations.

Rag dolls provide comfort and security.

Rag dolls seem to be particularly special because they act as a comforter as well as a doll. Like a security blanket or soft toy, they are there to give a cuddle to when things get tough and a great way to help them navigate life’s little obstacles. The fabric will also take on a familiar scent which is particularly comforting to young babies.

The simplicity of rag dolls inspires creativity.

As with many traditional toys there is a beauty in the simplicity of rag dolls that goes beyond aesthetic the appeal. The simple features and lack of a defined purpose allow your child’s imagination to take the lead.

A rag doll can be a baby doll that they nurse and put to sleep, rock to comfort or take for a ride in their pushchair, but it can also be a guest for a tea party or a friend for an adventure.


So many toys available today have a very narrow and defined purpose. They entertain children without requiring them to use their imaginations and creativity. Rag dolls are simple toys made from scraps of fabric that become a loved friend and treasured possession.

Rag Dolls encourage responsibility

Rag dolls, like all dolls, also encourage a sense of responsibility in children.

Kids love nothing more than role-play and in particular mimicking scenarios they see around them. It’s why toy kitchens and tea sets are so popular and why children seem to universally love a doctor set or toolbox.

This style of play is also vital for child development. Helping them build language and communication skills, social skills, fine and gross motor skills and life skills such as empathy, nurturing, self-care, and independence.

Doll play allows children to take on the role of carer, parent, big brother or friend. They get to practise being responsible for someone or something else, and they get to work through situations they have experienced.

Rag dolls are tactile and sensory

There is also a beauty in the fact that rag dolls are often made of natural materials. They are tactile and appeal to the senses which are still developing in children and which enhance every aspect of their experiences.

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