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Dragon Toys

Dragon toys seem to be everywhere and they are certainly popular with children. A bit like dinosaurs you’ve never actually seen a dragon, and yet we all know what dragons look like. Unlike dinosaurs, however, there is no solid evidence, no fossils or bones, to suggest they ever have existed. And yet they crop up in many different cultures all over the world. Not mention how popular dragon toys are among children around the world.

Dragons in Myth and Legend

Dragons appear to be such an adaptable mythical creature that they can modify themselves to almost any situation. They are depicted as wise God-like creatures, vicious and terrifying beasts or powerful allies. What more could you want from a toy? Oh, and they also fly!!

Chinese dragon mythology goes back 5000 years and while the dragons are certainly different from the fire breathing dragons of Europe they are still definitely recognisable as dragons. Interestingly Chinese dragons don’t tend to have wings although that doesn’t stop them from flying.

Chinese dragons also differ in the fact that they are generally considered wise, auspicious creatures. They bring luck and are often water spirits. Unlike dragons that we find in our own myths and legends that are creatures that need to be overcome such as in the story of George and the dragon, a beast that required human sacrifice to keep it happy.

Dragons in Popular Culture

No doubt part of the reason that dragon toys are so popular is their appearance in so many popular books, TV shows and movies over the years. All kids know what a dragon is and they have been depicted so incredibly in many recent movies that it’s hard to imagine that they don’t exist sometimes. And kids want to play with the creatures they see in movies and TV shows which is why dragon toys are very popular.

This makes them perfect for imaginary play. They have been given so many roles and personalities in different films that they can easily be on the side of good or evil and they are magical and mythical so you can make them do whatever you like.

Dragon Toys and Imaginative play

Dragon toys are designed to spark the imagination and inspire the type of creativity where anything is possible. Their appearance features wings, horns, scales and talons and they can breathe fire. What more could you want to start you off on a limitless number of adventures than dragon toys.

Dragon toys are also pretty timeless. We played with them as children and there’s a pretty solid chance that our kids will still be playing with dragon toys in years to come. This longevity also makes dragon toys a great toy and a popular choice for parents and grandparents who remember playing with similar toys when they were kids.

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