What Is the Purpose of Panty Liners?




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The purpose of panty liners and the benefits of using them

They might seem little but panty liners and reusable panty liners are designed to fulfil a number of roles.

Absorbing Vaginal Discharge

Small, flexible and light enough to wear on a daily basis panty liners are perfect for absorbing vaginal discharge at any point during your monthly cycle.

The amount of vaginal discharge that needs absorbing varies from woman to woman and many women are perfectly happy just wearing underwear. For others, however, a panty liner gives additional protection, keeps their clothing clean, stops staining their underwear and keeps them feeling fresh all day.

You may choose to wear a panty liner daily, or you may just wear them at times when discharge is higher such as when you are ovulating.

If you do wear them every day (or even just occasionally) reusable liners are definitely worth considering as not only will they drastically reduce your monthly bathroom waste but they are also kinder to your skin as they do not have the same fragrances or chemicals that many disposable liners do.

Light menstruation and spotting

Although for many women a panty liner wouldn’t be sufficient alone for the whole of their period plenty of ladies use them a few days before their period so they don’t get caught short, on lighter days, and for a few days after their period when there is still spotting.

There are also plenty of reasons why you might experience spotting outside your normal Periods and not need to use a pad or tampon.

Hormonal birth control whether it’s the pill, the injection, the implant or hormonal coil can all cause spotting especially when you first start using them, if you miss a pill, or if you change the type or dosage of contraception you are using.

Ovulation can cause spotting in some women as can pregnancy or perimenopause, and there are plenty of causes that may need attention such as STI’s, fibroids, endometriosis or polycystic ovary syndrome.

Post intercourse discharge

Panty liners are perfect for absorbing post intercourse discharge. And very discreet to both wear and carry with you.

Women may also experience bleeding after sex, although this may just be a result of small tears caused by intercourse it can also be a result of an underlying health condition such as an infection.

Light incontinence

Panty liners are not a replacement for incontinence pads but will absorb a few ml of liquid. If you experience a little leakage when you cough or laugh wearing a panty liner can help give you peace of mind and keep you dry.

As a backup to tampons or a cup

Panty liners are also popular as a backup for a menstrual cup or tampon giving an extra layer of protection just in case.

They are particularly useful if you use tampons as these can become saturated and leak. And to use when you are getting used to a menstrual cup as it can take a little practise to master the art.

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