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Do you hate it when your bar soap runs out halfway through your shower? Well, there’s a new product on the market that can help with that! It’s called the Soap Saver Bag, and it is designed to keep your soap from running out. In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know about the bag for soap bars. We will talk about its features, how it works, and where you can buy it. We will also answer some common questions about the Soap Saver pouch.

A soap saver bag is a great way to keep your skin feeling refreshed and scrubbed clean. It also provides an exfoliating effect that can help circulation, while making the foam in any bar last longer! You can put any soap bar into them including shower blocks (see our shower body washes range), bar soap, shampoo bars or conditioner bars (see our haircare range of bars). Even shaving soap!  You would use a soap saver as both a bag to hold your soap, a string to allow it to hang and dry from, but also as a body scrubber. The jute and sisal bags are just like having an exfoliating soap.

The Soap Saver Bag has two main features: a drawstring closure and an exfoliating surface. The drawstring closure helps to keep your soap from running out, and the exfoliating surface helps to scrub away dead skin cells. The Soap Saver Bag is like having a built-in loofah, which makes it easy to exfoliate your whole body.

If you are looking for the perfect way to store your bar of soap then really there are two options. A soap dish or a soap sock. Soap socks, otherwise known as soap savers, soap bags and soap pouches are a great place to keep your soap but they also have loads of other benefits as well. They can hold all the soap pieces and soap chips means any soap residue and tiny bars are never wasted.

A soap sock is essentially a bag for your soap. It could be made from a number of different materials including cotton, jute and sisal, you could knit one yourself at home or use one of those little organza bags that gifts often come in.

How Do You Use A Soap Sock

Using a soap sock is really simple. Simply take your bar of soap, and put it into the sock. You then use the soap while it is in the bag. The fabric of the bag helps you get a better lather and will actually mean you use less of the soap while you are in the shower or washing your hands as a richer later goes further.

When you are done simply give the bag a quick rinse, soap still inside, and hang it up to dry. Hanging it up to dry is really important as drying the soap it between uses helps make sure it lasts as long as possible. Drying the bag also helps make sure bacteria aren’t growing on the soap or the bag.

Some people only use the soap sock for the bits of soap that are too small to use effectively just with your hands anymore. We all know that there comes a point where a bar of soap just gets a bit too small to use. But this isn’t the case if you are using a soap saver. Once the bar turns into more of a sliver, pop it in your soap bag and use it till it’s all gone.

To use the Soap Saver Bag, simply wet it and add your favorite soap. Then, scrub away! The Soap Saver Bag is machine washable, so you can use it over and over again.

The soap bag or soap sock can come in a variety of different materials from jute, sisal, cotton to bamboo. It’s important that the bag you choose is breathable so that your soap can dry in between uses and doesn’t get soggy.

Benefits of Using a Soap Sock

There are lots of benefits of using a soap sock. Here are a few of our favorites.

  1. Using a soap sock means you can get rid of your plastic shower pouffe. While we would never recommend you throw something away until it has reached the end of its useful life we certainly don’t recommend buying any more plastic shower pouffes.
  2. Using a soap saver will extend the life of your soap. Not only do they allow you to use every last scrap of the bar but they help your soap dry effectively between uses and you use less soap while you are washing because you get a better lather.
  3. Soap socks double as an exfoliator so you cut down on the number of products you need.
  4. No more soap scum on the side of the bath or sink. The fact that you hang up your soap to dry means you don’t get a soggy bar of soap or soapy gunk on the side of the bath or sink. So less cleaning and again less wasted soap.
  5. They are cheaper than a soap dish. Not only are they eco-friendly, great for your skin and help your soap last longer but they are a very inexpensive way of storing your soap.

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