What Is a Collapsible Water Bottle?




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collapsible water bottle gives you easy access to on the go hydration without having to carry a bulky water bottle with you at all times or resort to disposables.

What are collapsible water bottles?

It’s just like any other reusable water bottle in that you can refill it at home or when you’re out and about, but unlike stainless steel, glass or hard plastic water bottles, a collapsible bottle shrinks in size when you’re not using it.

Collapsible bottles work in different ways. Some are bladders that you fill with water and the amount they expand in size depends on how much water you put in, whereas others have more structure, look pretty much like a regular bottle, and can stand, go in a cup/bottle holder etc.

Why you might want a collapsible water bottle

Worryingly even in the UK where we are lucky enough to have safe, drinkable water available straight from the tap billions of bottles of water still get sold (and thrown away) each year.

And while for some people buying bottled spring water is an active health choice or taste preference, for many it is simply about convenience.

Luckily times are changing, people are beginning to understand and engage with the environmental effects of single-use plastics, and “refill” schemes are popping up all over the country, where businesses are allowing customers and non-customers alike to refill their water containers.

And this is where collapsible water bottles come in. Not everyone wants to be carrying a large heavy bottle of water with them all day every day. Sure some of us have big handbags with plenty of space for a stainless steel bottle, but others prefer not to lug such things around.

Not to mention the people for whom the most common reason they buy a bottle of water is that they have forgotten their reusable bottle.

A collapsible, foldable or roll-up bottle, on the other hand, can be stashed in your purse or pocket, always ready when you need a drink, but not taking up copious amounts of space when you don’t.

Collapsible bottles are also great when you want to head out on an adventure. Whether it’s a trip to the beach, a hike up a mountain, an around the world adventure or simply a day out with the kids. Bringing reusable bottles will inevitably save you money and keep you hydrated. And if your reusable bottle is collapsible it will take up much less space.

Who are collapsible water bottles not for?

While a collapsible water bottle is a great asset and perfect for lots of occasions it’s not going to be the ideal bottle for everyone.

If you are looking for a bottle you can have open on your desk while you’re working, providing ready hydration whenever you fancy a sip, then a stainless steel or glass bottle is probably a better option.

And if you want something to keep your drinks ice cold all day whatever the weather then you’re better off choosing an insulated bottle, especially if the desire for ice-cold water is one of the reasons you reach for a plastic bottle from the fridge.

The Que bottles are also not ideal for young children as you have to open them to drink from them and then not squish the bottle too much while you drink or you’re liable to get wet.

But if you are looking for a convenient, lightweight travel bottle then collapsible could be your new favourite.

We take a closer look at the benefits of a collapsible water bottle here.

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