What Are the Disadvantages of a Menstrual Cup




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Menstrual Cups

While many women rave about Ruby Cup and other menstrual cups when they convert it’s not love at first use for everyone. So with that in mind we thought we would take a look at some of the possible disadvantages of using a menstrual cup and why you might not be getting on with yours.

Possible Menstrual Cup Pitfalls

We think menstrual cups are a great period product but they’re not for everyone. Here are a few potential reasons why they might not be for you.

They Can Be Messy

There’s no way round this one. Emptying the cup can get a bit messy especially when you first start using one. Most people find inserting the cup fairly simple, so long as you fold it first, but removing it can be trickier as you need to make sure you break the seal and then keep the cup upright to prevent spills.

Emptying the cup is easiest if you do it over the toilet or even in the shower. The need to rinse the cup when you empty it can also cause an issue if you don’t have a sink by the toilet. However this can be solved by taking a bottle of water in with you.

The First One You Buy Won’t Necessarily Be The Right Fit

Another potential pitfall is that you might buy a cup that isn’t a good fit for you. Not all cups are the same and not all cups work for all people. If you have had a baby you may find you need a bigger cup that you did before you had a baby for example. And if you have a low cervix you will need a shorter cup otherwise you will feel discomfort when you insert the cup.

Our advice is to do as much research as possible before you buy but not to be put off for life if the first cup you get isn’t right. It is also worth noting that your cervix changes height during your cycle so while it might not be comfortable one day it could be fine the next.

If You Have An IUD You Need To Be Cautious

If you have an IUD it’s a good idea to talk to your health care provider and let them know you intend on using a cup. They can trim the strings when they insert an IUD to prevent the risk of dislodging your IUD when using the cup. However, there should be no issue in using a cup alongside an IUD and many women do.

Risk of Infection If Not Cleaned

Because a Menstrual cup is reusable there is a risk of infection if you don’t clean it properly. This means you need to both sterilise the cup between cycles and make sure you wash your hands before inserting or emptying the cup as you can transfer bacteria from your hands onto your cup.

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