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Best Wooden Puzzles Brands for Little Children

Are you looking for your child’s first wooden puzzle? Not sure where to start or what is good? Are you overwhelmed by the wide variety of options? Here at BabaMe we have lots of different brands of jigsaw puzzles, games, and toys for kids. To help with your selection we have narrowed it down for you with the best wooden puzzle brands below.

A few factors that contribute to picking the best puzzle to work on, that Baba Me’s best selling brands may have are:

  • 1. Quality: The best quality puzzle is one that has good edges and is made of strong, durable materials.. This is particularly important in children’s puzzles, as they need to be super sturdy and able to withstand rough and tumble play! The younger the child the puzzle is aimed at, the thicker and sturdier the pieces should be. The pieces should be perfectly sized for young children to be able to grasp and slot together.

  • 2. The images: The image or artwork is the first thing that a child notices. Are the images attractive? Clear? Does the artwork appeal to children? Childrens puzzles should be bright, enjoyable, catch the eye, and educational. However, this doesn’t mean that they should be childish.

  • 3. Ability Level: Does the puzzle match the age/ability level on the packaging. If the puzzle is too easy, children will bore of it. Also if it is too hard, they will become frustrated and this is not a good educational experience. Always match the ability level to your child.

The best wooden puzzle brands for children are:

  1. Djeco
  2. Bigjigs
  3. Tender Leaf Toys
  4. Grimms
  5. Plan Toys

1.Djeco Puzzles

Djeco creates beautiful wooden puzzles that really stand out from the crowd. Their puzzles are unique in that, like all Djeco toys, they are created by artists, each one unique and quite simply enchanting. Djeco toys are perfectly matched to age, and when it comes to puzzles for children, they simply cannot be beaton. We love their observational puzzle range, which range from 30 pieces to 1000 so something for everyone. With engaging, exceptionally well made puzzles, the artwork stands out and children will always find something new in it.


2. Bigjigs

Bigjigs started life when two teachers took to their garage to make wooden educational toys for their children. What started as a hobby has gone on to become one of the leading suppliers of wooden educational toys in the UK, and their educational background can really be seen in their toys. From the Baby Range right up to their school education products, their wooden puzzles are well thought out, of the best quality and very bright and engaging. Their number puzzles are our best selling puzzles overall!

3. Tender Leaf Toys

Tender leaf toys are a fairly new toy brand but built on years of experience working for other toy manufacturers. Beautiful designs make up the range and we love their colour wheel snake, ideal for teaching colours, the rainbow, shapes and for helping with fine motor skills.

4. Grimms

If you have not heard of Grimms, let us introduce you to one of Europe’s finest wooden toy ranges. They are best known for their beautiful wooden rainbow toys, all hand made in Europe within the Steiner tradition of toys. We love their wide range of wooden puzzle toys, which are suitable for all ages and encourage imagination at all levels.

5. Plan Toys

Plan toys are known for their exceptional educational toys which are truly sustainable. World beating in their desire to ensure that everything they make enhances the planet and children’s lives, the quality of Plantoys is outstanding. The plan toys beehives is one of the best toddler puzzle toys of all times! If you can only have one wooden puzzle toy, get this one!

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