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What are Tegu blocks?

Tegu blocks are beautifully crafted tactile wooden building blocks with hidden magnets that add an extra dimension to block play. Children love discovering about magnetism and realising they can build and create in so many new and exciting ways.

This simple reinvention combines the warmth of wood and the magic of magnets to engage children and adults with endless building possibilities. The addition of magnets allows you to build without the constraints of gravity, building up instead of out.

Wheels and propellors mean you can build so much more than just towers and castles. The classic sets are simply natural or coloured wooden blocks, while the stunt team, monster and future collections have simple graphics and a variety of new and different shapes for even more play potential.

The blocks make a very satisfying sound when they snap together, and because of the polarity of the magnets though you have to get the blocks the right way round, which means that children have to think critically and problem-solve to make their inventions come to life.

Tegu want their building blocks to be a canvas for your child’s imagination. No Batteries and no instructions. Just intuitive toys that open their minds to learning and discovery through play.

The magnets are hidden within the blocks so they are inaccessible and therefore safe for even young children aged 12 months and up. How do they do it? Well, that’s a trade secret.

And it’s not just magnets that are hidden inside these blocks. There are lots of hidden lessons too. Without even realising it children are learning about scale and fractions. They are practising problem-solving, design and engineering skills. And they are developing their hand-eye coordination and fine-motor skills.

Are Tegu blocks worth it?

If you search for magnetic building blocks there are a number of different options available at different price points.

Tegu are different from the norm because they are handcrafted from sustainably sourced hardwood in an independent toy factory in Honduras. Each tree is handpicked for harvest and Tegu works closely with local cooperatives to ensure they are harvested responsibly.

Founders Will and Chris made a conscious decision to start their business there with the intention of having a positive social impact. They pay their staff a living wage and prioritise long term career goals within their team.

Design is also important and while there are lots of sets available all the blocks are designed to work together, so you can start with a simple 6 or 8 piece travel set and build your collection over time. And because the quality is soo high these blocks are designed to be played with for generations.

A timeless toy that is worth the investment. We think Tegu are among the best magnetic building blocks you can buy!

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