What Are Pull Along Toys?




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Pull toys are simple toys. Children love playing them because they’re easy to play yet offer endless fun and entertainment. They can bring them along as they navigate and explore their surroundings. These toys are designed to encourage exploration and movement which is why they are good toys for children who are learning how to walk.

What exactly are pull along toys?

From the name itself, a pull along toy is designed to be pulled along the ground and it has wheels. It has either a string or handle that a child can use to pull the toy. Some pull alongs have moving parts while others make sounds as they are pulled.

They are either made from wood or plastic. Plastic pull alongs are easier to clean. Although wooden pull alongs are not that hard to clean. Wooden pull along toys are more eco-friendly than their plastic counterparts. They are classic toys with timeless appeal to them.

Depending on the brand and the toy, a pull along can have other mini toys built right in. Toys like these usually can be either pulled or pushed. Shape sorters and building blocks are some of the mini toys that come with this type of pull along.

Pull along toys also come in a wide range of shapes and colours. Most of them have attractive bright colours which appeal to both parents and little kids. Animals are also common forms of pull along and they make for the perfect toys for children who love animals.

At what age should a child play with a pull along toy?


Choosing the age-appropriate toys is important due to a number of things. Some pull alongs intended for older children may come with detachable parts that are potential choking hazards. Also, your child may not enjoy a pull along toy that is too advanced and sophisticated.

Pull along toys are recommended between the ages 2-4. A child age as young as 12 months can start playing with pull along toys. But keep in mind that children develop at different paces.

When your child already knows how to stand up and walk and has enjoyed playing push toys, it’s probably the right time to introduce a pull along toy. Pull along toys require more balance, coordination and strength than push toys.

Should you buy a pull along toy?

Absolutely. Even if you have a tight budget, there are many pull along toys available on the market for a wide range of budget.

Pull along toys are wonderful toys for children. They are great early developmental tools that help children develop essential skills. These toys encourage movement which is good for physical development. Your child will have better balance and coordination as well as develop physical strength.

Some pull toys, especially the ones that make a sound when being pulled are good toys to teach children about cause-effect relationships. You can also teach your child basic colours, shapes and to show love towards animals.

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