What are good Secret Santa gifts?




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Stuck for inspiration for great Secret Santa gifts? Buying gifts can be tough especially when you have a budget to stick to and potentially don’t know the person that well. You want to buy a quality gift (unless the aim is to buy something as silly as possible) and ideally, get something your recipient will like and appreciate, but where do you start?

We’ve come to the conclusion that the best Secret Santa gifts should be either practical, ie something they can use, festive, decorative (if you work in an office then something to brighten up their desk is a nice touch, or consumable.

Practical Secret Santa Gifts

There are so many gifts that could come into this category so there should be something to suit most people.

  • A reusable cup or bottle. Secret Santa or not this is a great gift. With collapsible water bottles starting at £2.95 it can be a very affordable option. Or if you can stretch to £15 then a stainless steel bottle will last a lifetime. And we can highly recommend the r-cup for just £12. Perfect for coffee drinkers.
  • Eco Lunch Gifts. Sticking with the reusable vibe if your recipient brings food to work with them how about a reusable sandwich wrap or snack bag? Or Rex London does a huge range of insulated lunch bags for under £5. If they’re more likely to buy a takeaway lunch how about a reusable straw and spork to save on disposable cutlery or even a reusable shopping bag.
  • Eco Living Swaps. These gifts are probably best if you know the person enough to think they would appreciate them but there are some amazing budget-friendly eco-friendly alternatives that make great gifts. We love the dish washing range including a wooden dish brush, coconut scourers and solid dish soap.
  • Stationery. A really nice notebook makes a great secret Santa gift, as does a pad for scribbling notes when you’re on the phone. A pencil case makes a cute gift. And who wouldn’t want a new stapler or hole punch or a set of shiny glitter pens?

Gifts to use or consume

If practical gifts feel a bit boring, how about a gift they can use or consume?

We love candles, soaps and bath bombs for a bit of indulgence, and hand cream or lip balm for a bit of extra nourishment when it’s cold outside. If your recipient has a beard then a luxurious beard oil makes a great gift. We have more ideas of gifts for guys here.

Edible gifts are always a winner. Whether it’s chocolate, hot sauce, cheese and crackers or fancy condiments. And of course, if you know your recipient drinks you can’t go far wrong with beer wine or spirits depending on their preference.

There are plenty of artisan options available from small producers so you can still make this a thoughtful gift rather than looking like you made a mad dash to the supermarket on route.

Festive Gifts

Want to find a gift that’s in keeping with the season? A nice Christmas tree decoration makes a great gift and you can go stylish or silly depending on the recipient. A Christmas scented candle or wax melts will be appreciated by lots of people. And who doesn’t need another pair of festive socks or better still a Santa hat?

Decorative Gifts

Finally we love a decorative gift especially if their desk at work is looking a little sparse. A decorative calendar is great for keeping track of the date. A photo frame for pictures of their kids. Or even a little pot plant. Just make sure you choose one that will survive the holidays without needing to be watered.

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