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A display of baptism gifts including a white gown, silver cross necklace, personalized bible, and ceramic keepsake, arranged against a serene backdrop. The items blend spiritual significance with heartfelt sentiment, set in a calm and soothing atmosphere.

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Selecting the right christening gifts can be a thoughtful process, as these presents often hold sentimental value and are cherished for years.

This article will explore a range of suitable gift ideas for christenings. We’ll look at traditional options like silver keepsakes and personalized items that carry a special significance. Additionally, we’ll consider modern and practical gifts that can be useful for the child as they grow.

Whether you’re looking for something classic or contemporary, this guide will provide you with ideas and inspiration to find a gift that beautifully commemorates this important milestone.

Key Takeaways: Good Christening Gifts

  1. Personalized Keepsakes Create Lasting Memories: Gifts like engraved photo frames or custom-made jewelry boxes are cherished for years.
  2. Children’s Bibles Foster Spiritual Growth: A beautifully illustrated children’s Bible is both a thoughtful and educational gift.
  3. Savings Bonds Are Practical and Thoughtful: They provide a financial start for the child’s future.
  4. Handmade Items Offer a Personal Touch: Knitted blankets or handcrafted toys show personal care and effort.
  5. Classic Children’s Books Encourage Reading: Timeless books can be enjoyed as the child grows.
  6. Silver Items Symbolize Tradition and Elegance: Silver spoons or cups are traditional christening gifts that also serve as keepsakes.
  7. Charitable Donations Show Thoughtfulness: A donation in the child’s name to a meaningful charity reflects a compassionate gesture.
  8. Clothing and Blankets Meet Practical Needs: High-quality baby clothing or blankets are both useful and appreciated.
  9. Music Boxes Provide a Soothing Atmosphere: They are both decorative and can be a comforting presence in a child’s room.

Good Christening Gifts to Give

Choosing a good christening gift involves finding something that is both meaningful and suitable for this significant religious occasion. The best gifts usually carry a sentimental value, are of lasting quality, or have religious significance. Here are some ideas that are often well-received:

  • Silver Keepsakes: Silver items like cups, spoons, or photo frames are traditional and timeless. They can be engraved with the child’s name and christening date for a personal touch.
  • Jewelry: A piece of jewelry, such as a bracelet or a necklace with a religious symbol (like a cross), can be a cherished keepsake as the child grows older.
  • Religious Items: For those who want to honor the religious aspect of the ceremony, gifts like a children’s Bible, a rosary, or a religious icon can be appropriate.
  • Personalized Gifts: Items like custom-made blankets, engraved photo albums, or personalized storybooks can make unique and thoughtful gifts.
  • Savings Bonds or Financial Gifts: Contributing to the child’s future, such as through a savings bond or a contribution to a college fund, can be a practical and considerate gift.
  • Special Clothing: A beautiful outfit for the child to wear on the day of the christening or on other special occasions can be both practical and sentimental.
  • Keepsake Box: A box to hold memories, such as photos, first locks of hair, and other small mementos from the child’s early years, can be a lovely gift.

When choosing a christening gift, consider the family’s religious beliefs, your relationship to the child, and what might best commemorate this special day. The key is to choose something that shows your love and best wishes for the child’s future.

Things to Consider:

  • The family’s faith and values: Make sure your gift aligns with their religious and personal beliefs.
  • Longevity: Opt for gifts that will last and hold sentimental value over the years.
  • Personal touch: Adding a personal element, like engraving, can make the gift more special.
  • Practicality: If you are considering a more practical gift, ensure it’s something the family needs or will use.

Bests Presents from Godparents

If you’ve been lucky enough to be asked to be a godparent (or the non-religious alternative) you may be wondering what to give as a gift.

Traditionally a godparent would give a gift to the child after the baptism. The most traditional gift is probably a silver spoon, hence the phrase “born with a silver spoon in their mouths”. Silver generally is a traditional gift to give at a christening and items such as silver rattles, egg cups, bowls, a silver christening bracelet or money box are all good examples.

Generally a gift from a godparent would be something that would last a long time. Either something that might be kept as a family heirloom or something that the child can use for many years.

If you don’t fancy giving silver some other great ideas include:

  • A pearl necklace. This is another traditional gift and a nice alternative if silver doesn’t take your fancy.
  • Lay down some wine or a bottle of whisky for when your godchild turns 18. This seems to be a fairly popular choice and shows you intend to stick around for the long haul.
  • Buy a lifetime membership to an organisation such as the national trust. You could buy it for the child specifically or a family membership that can start to be enjoyed right away. It’s a big gift but a really lovely gesture.
  • Start a savings account for your godchild. Monetary gifts are pretty popular as presents and this is something that you can add to year on year so it takes the pressure off having to choose all those birthday and Christmas gifts. A junior ISA is another option that the child will only be able to access once they turn 18.
  • A handmade gift. If you have any craft or DIY skills a handmade gift makes a wonderful Christening gift. A patchwork quilt or knitted blanket can be kept as a family heirloom or you could make a wooden toy such a rocking horse or a piece of furniture. It’s worth thinking about circumstances if you go for a bigger item as you don’t want to put pressure on parents to keep items they really don’t have room for.
  • Plant a tree. If you have somewhere to plant it this is a lovely idea as you and the child can watch it grow together and they will always have a special place in nature to remind them of you.
  • Silver Keepsakes: Traditional silver gifts such as engraved silver cups, spoons, or photo frames are both meaningful and timeless. They symbolize the lasting bond between godparent and godchild.
  • Religious Items: Since godparents play a role in the child’s spiritual journey, gifts like a children’s Bible, a cross necklace, or a religious icon can be particularly appropriate and cherished.
  • Savings Bonds or Educational Funds: Contributing to the child’s future, through savings bonds or educational funds, shows a commitment to their long-term well-being and success.
  • Personalized Gifts: Items like custom-made blankets, personalized storybooks, or engraved jewelry can have a special place in the child’s heart, as they come with a personal touch from you.
  • Special Outfits for Ceremonies: Providing the outfit for the christening or baptism is a generous and practical gift, which also becomes a cherished keepsake.
  • Keepsake Box: A beautifully crafted box to hold precious memories, like photos, letters you’ve written to the child, or other special mementos, can be a wonderful gift.
  • Handmade Gifts: If you have a particular skill or hobby, a handmade gift like a knitted blanket or a piece of artwork can be incredibly special due to the personal effort and love put into it.

Things to Consider:

  • Personal Connection: Your gift should reflect your unique relationship with the godchild.
  • Meaningful and Thoughtful: Choose something that carries emotional or spiritual significance.
  • Quality Over Quantity: Opt for a gift that is durable and of good quality, ensuring it lasts over time.
  • Future Relevance: Consider whether the gift will remain meaningful as the child grows older.

Christening Gifts from other friends and family

If you aren’t a godparent or equivalent you may still wish to give a gift to mark the occasion. But there’s no need to go for something quite so long-lasting.

Photo frames and money boxes are popular choices as are bibles or prayer books if you and the parents are religious. Other great options are wooden toys (you can choose so really lovely toys that will last for years), blankets, music boxes and mobiles. A wooden Noah’s ark could be a great choice as it is both religious and a toy.

As christening gifts are traditionally silver you might like to look at a silver frame, money box, jewellery or keepsake box.

  • Personalized items make cherished keepsakes. Gifts like engraved silver spoons or customized photo frames become treasured mementos.
  • Religious items symbolize the occasion’s significance. A child’s first Bible or a cross necklace can be both meaningful and appropriate.
  • Educational gifts benefit the child’s future. Books or savings bonds are thoughtful gifts that invest in the child’s education and growth.
  • Handmade gifts show personal dedication. Knitted blankets or handmade toys are unique and demonstrate personal effort and care.
  • Practical items can be greatly appreciated. Clothes or baby gear can be very useful and practical for the parents.
  • Classic toys encourage play and development. Timeless toys like building blocks or stuffed animals are always popular and engaging for children.
  • Experience gifts create lasting memories. Tickets to a child-friendly show or a family zoo pass offer memorable experiences.
  • Charitable donations honor the child’s future. Contributing to a charity in the child’s name is a thoughtful and forward-looking gesture.

FAQS on Good Christening Gifts

What do you give as a gift for a christening?

For a christening gift, it’s common to give something that holds sentimental or religious significance. Traditional choices include silver items like spoons or cups, personalized keepsakes such as engraved photo frames or jewelry, and religious items like crosses or children’s bibles. The gift should ideally reflect good wishes for the child’s future and be something that can be treasured as they grow.

What is a common christening gift?

Common christening gifts often consist of silver items like spoons, cups, or jewelry, due to silver’s longstanding association with purity and good fortune. Personalized keepsakes such as engraved frames or blankets, and religious items like crosses or bibles, are also popular. These gifts are chosen for their lasting value and the meaningful symbol they represent in the child’s life.

How much money is acceptable as a christening gift?

The acceptable amount of money to give as a christening gift varies, usually depending on the giver’s relationship to the child and their financial comfort. Generally, distant relatives or friends might give between $25 to $50, while closer family members might give upwards of $100. It’s important to remember that the thought behind the gift is more significant than the amount.

What are popular baptism gifts?

Popular baptism gifts include religious items like crosses, bibles, or rosaries, symbolizing the religious significance of the event. Personalized gifts such as engraved photo frames, jewelry, or keepsake boxes are also favored. Additionally, silver items like spoons or cups remain traditional choices, representing purity and good wishes for the child’s future.

What do you usually give at a baptism?

At a baptism, it’s customary to give gifts that have religious or sentimental value. Common choices include religious items like bibles, crosses, or rosaries, and personalized keepsakes such as engraved photo frames or jewelry. Silver items like cups or spoons are also traditional. Some may opt for monetary gifts, like savings bonds or contributions to the child’s education fund, symbolizing investment in their future.

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