What Age Is Grimms Rainbow For?




What Age Is Grimms Rainbow For?

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Grimms Rainbow

Rainbows are for everyone. Seriously!

They are safe and fun for babies, perfect for preschoolers and a great toy to give older kids.

Grimms rainbow toys for babies and toddlers

Grimms rainbows are handcrafted from natural wood and finished with safe, non-toxic stains making them suitable from birth. Ok, a newborn probably isn’t going to be very interested, but once they get to a few months old wooden stacking toys are perfect for development.

The large rainbow can seem huge for a little one but the smaller pieces are still a good size for them to hold and the fact that they are big and chunky will allow them to be stacked more easily when they get to that point. Plus the tunnels are big enough to go over their body which is always fun and makes for some great photos.

Toddlers will also love using the rainbow for colour sorting and with a bit of help creating crazy structures and ball runs. You’ll find with toddlers that giving them a few ideas of how they can play with the rainbow will set them up brilliantly and they’ll soon be showing you ideas rather than the other way around.

From preschoolers to teenagers – Everyone loves a challenge

The beauty of simple wooden toys is that they are not only timeless but ageless. Something as open-ended as a rainbow will be played umpteen ways by a preschooler but if you turn it into a challenge you’ll find even grumpy teenagers like to get involved.

The Grimms rainbow is a great stacking toy and you can make some fabulous creations and they’re not all easy to do. There’s a great sense of achievement even for teenagers and grownups.

We really do think these make the most amazing heirloom gifts as they can be played with for years and years. They are also perfect for older children to play with younger children, so whether it’s younger siblings, cousins and friends or even nieces and nephews as they get older this is hopefully one toy your children won’t want to get rid off.

Rainbow fun for parents and grandparents.

Parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts will all get involved with a bit of rainbow play. Dad’s seem to get particularly involved in building epic creations and getting the pieces to balance in the most amazing ways.

It’s also not unusual for adults to buy these for themselves or each other as they are just so beautiful. The colourful rainbows make a beautiful statement piece and add a pop of colour to your mantelpiece or display shelves. While the natural version shows the grain of the wood in the most beautiful ways and you really could be forgiven for not thinking it was a toy at all.

This makes it a brilliant toy for places where you might occasionally have children but don’t want a room full of plastic toys.

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