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What is the best age to get your child a balance bike?

Generally balance bikes are designed for children aged around 2 to 5 years and our wooden balance bikes are perfect for this age range. Some smaller bikes are suitable from 18 months and there’s no reason your child shouldn’t start at this age. You can even get balance bikes for adults, so it’s never too late to learn to ride a bike and you could even do it at the same time as your toddler.

Therefore the best age to get a balance bike is really completely up to you.

Because balance bikes come without pedals and gears they are much lighter than a traditional first bike making them much better for younger children to learn to ride on. They teach a child to balance on two wheels which will make the transition to a pedal bike much easier when they are ready.

Balance bikes are a much better starting point than a tricycle or bike with training wheels for toddlers as despite the fact they may look less stable they are actually better at navigating uneven ground and as your child is using their feet and learning to balance they are less likely to tip over.

The fact that they are light and narrow means they are easy for toddlers to straddle and walk with which they will likely do for a while before they sit on the seat and eventually learn to run and cruise, especially if they start at 18 months.

An older child who may be big enough to ride a pedal bike with stabilisers is likely to progress to the running and cruising stage quite quickly and will love the freedom they get from a balance bike. If you are getting a first balance bike for an older child choose a bigger frame and you may even wish to think about investing in a bike with a brake.

A good balance bike is perfect for adventure and exercise. Despite the fact they don’t have pedals or gears children can still get up a good speed making them great for family walks and perfect for playing at the pump track.

Making sure you choose a balance bike that’s right for your child’s age

The key when choosing a balance bike is to make sure that the seat can be adjusted to the right height for your child. This means you need to measure their inside leg and check that they will be able to sit with both feet comfortably flat on the floor.

It’s also good to think about how long the bike will last. Your child might well be using a balance bike for 3 years or more. And although you may wish to upgrade during that time you don’t want to have to buy a new bike in six months time because they have already outgrown the first one.

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