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•The Tula Toddler Carrier is a buckle carrier that is easy to use and ergonomic for both front and back carry positions.
• It is adjustable and padded for the comfort of the caregiver, with a wide back panel to support carrying into toddlerhood.
• The 100% cotton fabric is breathable with Oeko-Tex certification.

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Size:  25-60lbs
Country Of Manufacture:  Poland
Structure:  Buckle
Infant Insert Needed:  No
Front Carry:  Yes
Back Carry:  Yes
Hip Carry:  No
Cross Straps:  No
Ruck Straps:  Yes
Cross & Ruck Straps:  No
Dual Adjustable Buckles:  No
Hood:  Yes
Pocket:  Yes
Temperature Regulation:  Average

The TULA toddler carrier is one of the most well-known toddler carriers on the market. It is suitable from around 2 years and, like baby Tula, Tula Toddler carriers come in a wide range of patterns.  The Tula toddler carrier gives you the freedom to carry your child for as long as you both need. Similar to the standard carrier, the toddler carrier  has easily adjustable straps, so can also be shared between caregivers without any hassle.

✓  Comfortably carry your little one in either front carry or back carry

✓ Suitable from 11-27kg (we recommend waiting until your little one fits into age 2-3 trousers)

✓ Features adjustable padded shoulder and waistband for your comfort and a snug fit. When initial adjustments to your fit have been made, it’s as simple as two buckles each time you wear your child!

✓ A toddler carrier is handy to have to hand for toddlers who are pram resistant but get a little tired of walking!

✓ 100% cotton with Oeko-Tex certification. 

The Tula Toddler carrier has a simple, no fuss design and a wide, supportive back panel to support you in carrying your little one from toddlerhood. Every aspect of the design is featured with the comfort and safety of both caregiver and baby in mind. The carrier itself is made from soft, breathable, oeko-tex certified cotton, and is available in a range of adorable prints so you can pick the one that suits your style. Lightweight and breathable, you’ll be able to carry your little one for longer thanks to the support of this best selling baby carrier. You’ll find the Tula Toddler carrier to be your best friend on long days out and the awkward stage when your child has outgrown a pram or baby tula but still needs regular rest when waking.

The Tula story began with two parents who were looking for the perfect fitting baby carrier; they loved the convenience and emotional benefits of baby wearing, but nothing on the market quite fit their specifications- so they designed their own! Before long, passers by would be inquiring about their carriers and so Tula was born! To this day, the brand promotes the emotional, social and physical benefits to parents and babies of babywearing across the world. The Tula Toddler carrier distributes the child’s weight evenly, and so allows you to carry your little one for longer!

Tula Standard Carrier FAQ

1. What size should I get, standard or toddler?

The toddler carrier has a panel height of 46cm and width of 45.5cm at the base, and can carry children between 11-27kg- roughly 2-6 years0 much longer than other toddler carriers!

2. I’ve heard rumours that baby carriers contribute to hip dysplasia, is this product safe for my baby?

Of course! The International Hip Dysplasia Institute has recognised the Tula Standard carrier as hip healthy, however they don’t issue certificates for any items for babies older than 6 months. All our baby and toddler carriers are stringently tested for your peace of mind

Carry to toddlerhood and beyond with the Tula Toddler Carrier

The Tula toddler carrier comes in a range of prints, allowing you to carry your little one in style! This ergonomic baby carrier is suitable for little ones between 11-27kg,  from roughly 2 years up until around 6 years, making it perfect for carrying older toddlers and children. With the comfort and safety of your little one at the heart of its design, you can carry your toddler with confidence in the Tula toddler Carrier.

✓ Easy to use buckle carrier for older babies

✓ Ergonomic front and back carry positions. 

✓ Wide back panel to support carrying all the way to toddler hood and beyond!

✓ Adjustable, padded shoulder straps for your comfort.

✓ Tula Toddler carrier allows you to carry an older child comfortably.

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