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Age Appropriate Toys for Kids

Shop our range of wooden toys for 1 year old kids. Perfect gift as on your baby’s 1st birthday. Fill your toy box with wonderful developmental toys that will support the huge strides they are making physically and mentally at this incredible age. Teach them basic maths with Indigo Jamm’s Bernie Number bus, give them a soft, cuddly companion as they explore their surroundings with our range of Rubens Barn dolls or sharpen their logical thinking with our puzzles designed for toddlers. Most of these toys come in bright colours to help your toddler identify their colours. Our range of toys for toddlers encourages learning through play.


Walkers for Toddlers

Walkers and push along toys really come into their own as babies go from rolling and crawling to walking and running. Classic baby toys, walkers are great for helping your little one with their first steps. Choose the right one and they will be loved for years. These walkers make for fantastic presents because they provide the extra care and balance your 1 year old needs as he is learning how to walk.

The classic Tidlo and Pintoy baby walkers with blocks are great for carrying toys around the room, and the blocks will provide endless entertainment as towers are built purely for the joy of knocking them down. As toddlers grow and develop these might become a dolls pram or builders trolley to carry tools from place to place. One year olds will love these as they often come with additional toys on the front and lots of extra activities. Getting walking is a big step for a 1 year baby, and these toys are the ideal toys to help them with that major development.

The Tidlo Activity Walker is great for babies who are not yet walking as there are loads of activities to explore while sitting. And once they are on their feet there’s a great little self at the back for carrying a favourite soft toy with them on their adventures.

Alternatively, the Indigo Jamm ride on bus is a great walker that doubles as a ride on for toddlers. A great alternative to buying a walker now and a ride on toy later when they’ve mastered the art of moving around on their own.

Push Alongs

Push and pull toys are great for crawling babies to push around and little walkers love to drag something behind them, especially if it makes a great noise as it travels.

We love the gorgeous Plan Toys dino cars. Chunky and smooth, these natural wooden toys are great for little hands and will inspire all sorts of dinosaur games. And the little wheelie fox and penguin are great for little animal lovers.

The Djeco pull along toys are simply stunning. Their team of artists and designers focus just as much on the beauty as they do the practicality of the toy, giving you beautiful patterns and vibrant colours that are designed to inspire and excite and even those that are for a 1 year baby, they are simply perfect.

Puzzles & Sorting Toys

There are some great puzzles and sorting games with chunky pieces that are perfect for this age. Simple puzzles will hone their fine motor skills, shape and colour recognition, and provide hours of fun as they sort the shapes and fit the pieces together.

We stock a great range including vehicles and animals, touch and feel puzzles and shape sorters. We particularly love the Sevi sorting jeep which offers so much play potential. The Djeco Puzzles are all absolutely gorgeous and the plan toys marine puzzle. All of which are a bit different from the norm.

Building and Stacking Toys

Building blocks and stacking toys offer so much potential for open-ended play and will be enjoyed for years in different ways.

The stacking block sets are perfect for developing fine and gross motor skills as you build towers for the sheer joy of knocking them down again. As children get older they are great for teaching numbers, colours and animals.

Grimms make a stunning range of building and stacking toys including the iconic rainbow tunnels, stunning water, earth and fire elements, and a huge range of building blocks in every shape and colour imaginable. Start a collection now that will be loved and played with for generations in so many imaginative and creative ways.

Handcrafted from sustainably sourced hardwood and painted with non-toxic water-based stains these are truly beautiful handmade wooden 1 year old toys that you’ll end up loving as much as your children. Add a set of Grimm’s friends and suddenly your play blocks become houses, woodland hideouts, caves and castles for these delightfully tactile peg people to inhabit and explore.

Making Music Baby Toys

Toddlers love making music and by this age, there are so many great musical instruments to choose from it would seem a shame not to encourage this love. Music encourages sensory development, children learn patterns and rhythm and build coordination and also make great toys!

There are drums to bang, tambourines and maracas to shake and great looking xylophones to tap out a tune on. You’ll be starting a toddler band before you know it. Dance around the room with them and watch how they try to copy your moves.

Soft Toys & Dolls

Soft toys and dolls for one year olds are wonderful. We have a great range of soft toys including puppets for storytelling, soft toys for comfort and role play and the delightful Rubens Barn dolls.

Great for encouraging imaginative play, building vocabulary and developing social skills there are so many reasons your children should be playing these classic baby toys as well as traditional wooden toys.

And of course, don’t forget the Wobbel. Suitable from birth with the right supervision this is a great toy for toddlers.

We highly recommend the Indigo Jamm range of toys, many are specifically made for a one year old, designed to last and be chunky and take a bashing or two!

How to clean your child’s toys

Parents often panic when it comes to cleaning their children’s toys and really there is no reason to. If they are wood, just clean gently with a damp cloth. For plush toys, check the washing instructions, many can be put straight into the machine. Many plastic toys can be put in the dishwasher as well, again check with each manufacturer and their recommendations.

Empathy Dolls for Babies

Our Rubens dolls make great gifts for one year olds for several reasons. Rubens dolls for 1 year old often helps baby to sleep better. The reasons are the weight of the babies, and the fact they retain warmth make babies think someone is next to the bed, snuggling up to them! This helps them learn to self soothe and get back to sleep, and sleep longer!

Indigo Jamm Toys

One of the best things about Indigo Jamm toys is the fact that most of them are tested for one year olds. You can buy these toys safely in the knowledge that they have been safety tested, are age appropriate, are super robust and are great fun! Their bright colours and wide range, everything from pushing tractors to musical instruments mean there is something for everyone.

Our Top Picks

This was a super tough ask, as we have so many fantastic toys for one year olds but we thought we would come up with a great list of toys for you to peruse.

  1. Rubens Barn Baby Doll for 1 year old – whilst this might look a bit big, this will teach your one year old empathy, give them a special friend and help them sleep at night.
  2. Indigo Jamm Campervan Walker – a great sturdy toy which will help your one year old as they begin to walk and stumble. It comes with wooden blocks and a shape sorter included which also teaches hand eye coordination and fine motor skills.
  3. Grimms 6 Piece Rainbow – a fantastic introduction to the wonderful world of Grimms toys, this chunky rainbow is the perfect size for your 1 year old. This toy is a Waldorf inspired toy, helps with slow play and developing imagination.
  4. Wobbel Board – children instinctively know what to do with wobbel boards, (find out how to clean wobbels here) whether they balance on them, jump on them, rock on them, use them as a bridge – so much fun for your 1 yr old!
  5. Indigo Jamm Bernies Number Bus – a great, fun robust toy which teaches basic counting, number and colour recognition as the peg people are all colour coordinated in their spaces on the bus.
  6. Moulin Roty Soft Ball – we have a selection of these and they are all firm favourites in our toys shop. Perfect for little hands to grasp and throw, no fear of hurting themselves as they are super soft so great for one year olds.
  7. Indigo Jamm Tractor Tim – a fantastic toy for a one year old as it includes some farm animals, a tractor and a trailer. Learning about animals is an important development milestone as babies learn their shape, colour and even noises, and no better way to do it than a chunky fun tractor to drive them around in.
  8. Grimms 6 cars coloured are fantastic for the one year old age group as they are nice and chunky, easy to handle and again are different rainbow colours so will help teach children the colours, whilst they are having fun driving them around.
  9. The Just B Wee B Ready set is a perfect set for one year olds as it includes a little bit of everything. Some keys, a finger puppet zebra, some bocks and some rattles – a great tool for sensory development and they come in their nice bucket which keeps them all safe. This makes this a great travel toy for 1 year olds as well as everything can be nicely packed up in this.

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