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Shape sorters are great early learning toys, and since kids also love animals, a toy farmhouse sorter makes a great first shape sorter.

A wooden farm house sorter comes with a set of wooden farm animals, each of which can be slotted through a uniquely shaped slot until all the animals are safely houses inside the farm house.

These toys are great for developing fine motor skills, dexterity and language building skills and make an ideal travel toy too.

1. Bigjigs Farmhouse Sorter Toy

The Bigjigs Farmhouse Sorter is a great first farm set for little ones. It combines the joy of shape sorting with lots of opportunities for small world play. Little ones will be able to learn the names of animals, practice colour recognition and have lots of fun loading up the animals and carrying them around.

Key Benefits

  • Supports the development of sorting skills
  • Promotes healthy motor development for little ones
  • Provides growth for problem-solving skills
  • Improves concentration
  • Fantastic playset for imaginative play

Bigjigs Toys Toy Farmhouse Sorter is a great way for kids to develop hand-eye coordination as they enjoy matching each animal to their slots on the farm h0use sorter.

And it’s so much more than just a shape sorter- there are so many ways that your child can play with this farm house sorter! They can make patterns or they can use the wooden animals and the farm house for role playing as a farmer, the possibilities are endless!

Your child should match each animal to its uniquely shaped slot on the wooden farmhouse shape sorter. Once all farm animals are safely inside, the roof of the farm house shape sorter can be removed and the animals lifted or poured out for another sorting game!

  • Consists of 11 play pieces
  • Wooden animals include a cow, pig, rabbit, chicken, duck, horse, sheep & dog
  • Colourful and adorable design
  • Made from high quality, responsibly sourced materials
  • Conforms to European safety standards
  • Age:  12m+
  • Weight:  0.63 kg
  • Dimensions:  13cm (L) x 22cm (W) x 14cm (H)

About the Manufacturer

The brand Bigjigs Toys is a family-run wooden toy company. Started in 1985 by Peter and Liz Ireland, the company has grown from a garden shed workshop into an award-winning wooden toy company supplying toys and baby toys to 100 countries worldwide.

They supply a wide range of traditional wooden toys for children of all ages, with the most popular ranges including wooden trains, wooden puzzles and more.

Bigjigs Toys aims to be at the forefront of quality design as well as environmental responsibility – they are striving to make each product better than the last! Bigjigs proudly use only sustainably sourced wood and their toys always exceed the current safety standards.

2. Melissa & Doug Wooden Take Along Sorting Barn Toy

This great travel toy consists of 11 play pieces; one wooden farm house sorter with wooden carry handle and 10 wooden farm animals. This fun farm toy will help your child with their fine motor skills, as well as teaching them their animal names.

Flip up the roof of the shape sorter toy to access the wooden animals, with the wooden animals lifted or poured out you are ready to start again!

Key Benefits

  • Encourages Language building skills
  • Help your little one develop dexterity
  • Little ones will enjoy matching each animal to the correct uniquely shaped slot
  • This fun farm toy encourages your child to learn their animals
  • Promotes concentration and problem solving skills

We love that this shape sorter has been thoughtfully created with high quality responsibly sourced materials, meaning its sure to stand the test of time.

The wooden carry handle makes travel a breeze, and while this shape sorter toy consists of 11 play pieces, you don’t have to worry about losing any- the 10 wooden farm animals store safely inside.

Your child will enjoy matching each animal to its uniquely shaped slot- and you can bet that they will beg for one more game, again and again!

Your child is sure to develop dexterity and language building skills thanks to this fun sets that exceed all toy safety standards- so you can let them play without worrying either.

  • Kids will love matching each animal to its uniquely shaped slot, which helps to develop dexterity and language building skills.
  • Great Travel toy, featuring a useful wooden carry handle
  • This farmhouse sorter makes for an easy clean up; can be put away once animals are safely inside the roof. The roof can then be removed and the animals lifted or poured out next playtime!
  • Play pieces include horse, pig, goat, sheep, chicken, dog, cow, tractor, and Farmer.
  • Your child will love learning all about the farm with this brightly colored wooden farm house sorter.

3. Melissa & Doug Nesting and Sorting Barns and Animals

This match and stack set of 6 nesting barns with 6 animals is a different way to experience all the fun of the farm while still enjoying the benefits of the traditional shape sorter toy.

Little ones will enjoy matching each animal to its barn by number and size; each barn has a number at the side of the wall, so you child can become familiar with number as well as size and shape.

This farmhouse sorter has the added benefit of nesting, which will help develop tots dexterity. All the animals have a barn of their own, once they’ve been stored safely inside their brightly colored wooden farm house you can be sure your little one will want to play again and again!

Key Benefits

  • Helps to develop dexterity and language in toddlers
  • Helps with understanding of concepts such as shape, size, numbers and colour.
  • This brightly colored wooden farm house will inspire imaginative play and problem solving skills
  • Matching each animal to its uniquely shaped farm house is great for fine motor skills

We love how this toy has been cleverly designed to promote so much learning, with all the fun of the farm! This farmhouse sorter stand out from the rest as it also can be used for nesting, it also suits older children who are learning about numbers.

  • consists of 6 barns and 6 wooden animals- all the animals have their own barn with numbered wall
  • Animals include chicken, horse, goat, pig, sheep and chicken
  • Great travel toy- your kids will be begging for just one more game!
  • Suitable from age 24 months
  • 16 x 8 x 6 inches
  • Premium quality responsibly sourced materials

About the Manufacturer

Melissa & Doug is an American Toy manufacturer, creating plush toys, arts and crafts products, wooden puzzles and other toys.

The company was founded in 1988 by Melissa and Doug Bernstein, with a desire to create open ended, premium quality sustainable wooden toys. They use only high quality responsibly sourced materials and their range of educational toys are found in schools across the world.

Top Tips Before You Add To Basket

What age is the shape sorter suitable for?

Most will be suitable for children aged 12 months or older. Make sure they are suitable for little hands and mouths!

What is the playset made out of?

Durable, responsibly sourced materials are essential, with non toxic paints or stains. Think about the design- bold colours and cute characters will capture your child’s attention

What is the size of the sorter?

Chunky pieces are easier for little hands to manage, as well as being safer for those little ones who like to mouth toys

Think about handy extra features

For example, a useful wooden carry handle makes life much easier if the toy will travel from home to car. Does your little one have a favourite animal which would be a must? Do all the parts pack neatly in to the sorter for easy tidying?

The Best Farmhouse Sorter of 2022: A Final Word

There are lots of farm play sets out there, but these farm house sorter toys are perfect for younger children. A wooden shape sorter makes a great learning toy and really helps to develop dexterity and language skills, amidst all the fun.

The fun of the farm can really bring learning to life. Both Bigjigs toys and Melissa & Doug create fantastic toys, so any of the above three play sets are sure to put a smile on your child’s face!

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