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Is shaving with a safety razor better?

Safety razors are making a comeback. With so many people becoming more interested in their grooming habits, the safety razor is an appealing alternative to shaving with disposable or electric razors. The best part about using a safety razor is that you don’t have to worry about spending money on expensive blades anymore! We’re going to discuss some of the top reasons why you should switch over to this classic shaving tool and start saving today!

Why you should switch to a safety razor?

If you are still using a cartridge razor or even disposable razors now is the time to make the switch to a double edge razor and here’s why.

While they may seem a bit scary, or even downright terrifying at first, safety razors offer a smooth, precise and inexpensive shaving experience that is a lot more eco-friendly than the alternatives.

Benefits of a safety razor

Does your current razor do all this?

1. A better, closer, more comfortable shave

double-edged razor with a single razor blade really does offer a better shave than a cartridge razor only beaten by a straight/cut-throat razor which requires a lot more practise and skill to use.

  • A standard safety razor gives a high quality, smooth shave with very little irritation.
  • You are less likely to get ingrown hairs as you use a brush to lift the hairs and exfoliate the skin rather than additional blades pulling at the hairs and causing them to be cut below the skin.
  • The weight of the double edge safety razor and a good pre-shave oil mean less pressure and less scraping.
  • The safety razor blades are easier to clean meaning less chance of infection.
  • Traditional wet shaving is more likely to leave your face more moisturised whether you use shaving cream or a natural soap for shaving.

2. A cheaper more cost-effective shave.

Once you have bought the razor initially the ongoing costs are much lower than a cartridge razor. You can buy a pack of 100 blades that will potentially last years depending on how often you shave. Safety razors tend to save you about £10 per month, or £2400 over the life of the double-edged safety razor.

Not only do cartridge razors need continual replacement of cartridges but also the manufacturers tend to bring out new models, leaving your razor head outdated.

3. A more eco-friendly, sustainable, planet positive shave.

When you are buying a safety razor choose wisely as this should be the last razor you buy for a very long time. In fact, if you look after your razor well you may never have to buy one again. This means a lot less waste so they are a lot more sustainable shaving products.

As well as being built to last double edge razors use a single blade that isn’t encased in plastic and therefore can be recycled much more easily. Just be aware that you need to keep your used blades somewhere they can’t cause any harm, a metal tin is a good option.

Say Goodbye to Razor Burn

A safety razor will also help you prevent razor burn. With disposable razors and disposable plastic mounted blades, you’ll be tempted to keep on using them for as long as possible. Yet sharpness of the blade matters when it comes to preventing razor burn. The sharper and cleaner the blade is, the better it is for your skin. 

Razor burn can be caused by dull blades that pull on your hair, leaving them behind in the razor. The blade also needs to make good contact with all of your skin for an even shave and not cut or irritate any hairs too short.

With a safety razor, you need only one single sharp blade which makes it easier to get closer to the skin without cutting or damaging it.

No matter how long you need to shave, a safety razor will ensure your face is smooth and hair-free in one pass instead of three or four with regular razors. This means less irritation on sensitive areas like necklines and underarms. Plus, since there’s no tugging involved, you’ll get a closer shave with less chance of ingrown hairs.

Less Change of Acne with Safety Razors

When you have acne, managing facial hair may be difficult. The key is to keep your pores unclogged. Multiple blade disposable razor heads are a breeding ground for germs. They’re hard to clean properly and then transfer the bacteria into your pores with each shave. The more blades the worse it gets.

It’s not just your face that suffers when you use a razor with multiple blade heads, either. Your neck needs to be shaved too and each time the hair is cut off at skin level it can irritate and inflame acne on other areas of your body. A safety razor with one blade is better for your skin.

Using a shave brush in your shaving routine also helps reduce the change of acne as they tend to exfoliate the skin and clear out dead skin cells and dirt.

More Effective on Thick Hair

A double-edged safety razor will be an effortless shave on thick hair. The blade is incredibly sharp and it should give you the smoothest shave in just one or two passes. Whereas a disposable razor with multiple blades can struggle over thick coarse hair and might need three to four passes causing irritation. Often hair can get caught between the blade gap which will give even more irritation.

Downsides to a double edge razor

  1. They can be intimidating at first. The blades are sharp, at least they should be, and that can be scary when you don’t have a big plastic surround in place. However, the sharper the blade the less likely you are to cut yourself. Be brave but not overconfident and let the weight of the handle do the work.
  2. You can’t take them on a plane in your hand luggage. If you are a frequent flyer and don’t tend to check in any luggage this could be an issue. Although of course you can always take the razor without the blade and buy new a new blade when you get to where you are going.
  3. Safety (Double Edged) Razors generally have a higher start-up cost. They might save you money in the long run but that’s no good if you are on a tight weekly budget. Unfortunately, this is often the way with sustainable options but if you have the option to save a little and make the switch you’ll quickly see the return on your investment. The replacement razor blades for safety razors are much cheaper than replacement cartridge razors.
  4. There is a learning curve when you shave with a safety razor. You need to learn to get the angle right for a close shave and not to apply too much pressure, but once you do you will have the best shave with little or no skin irritation. If you want to learn more read our guide on How to use a safety razor next.
  5. You will need to store your used razor blades in a safe place until you recycle them.
  6. You will need a few minutes more to have a great shave as you prep your skin and lather up with a shaving brush.

Bottom line is that there are many benefits to switching from cartridge razors and disposable plastic razors on the market today. If you’re looking for an affordable, eco-friendly way to enjoy shaving again then it’s time to make your switch! Whilst you might get a decent shave with disposable razors, we guarantee you will get the best shave from a safety razor with a single blade!

Now that you’ve read our list, do you think it is time to make your switch?

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