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What is a Noah’s Ark toy?

Noah’s ark toys is a toy depicting the ark that Noah used to save himself and his family as well as the animals during a catastrophic flood described in the book of Genesis of the Old Testament. It’s only one of few toys that show biblical references. Noah’s Ark in the bible is made from wood which is why almost all toy versions of the ark are also made from wooden materials.

Why should you buy a Noah’s Ark toy?

Noah’s Ark toys are fun to play and they facilitate learning in so many ways. Children are guaranteed to have fun with them because they are easy to play. It does not take a lot of effort to play them because children can simply load and unload the animals into the ark. Some Noah’s Ark toys even double as a sorter toy. Sorter toys are highly recommended for children who are still developing. So if you are looking for a simple yet fun toy, look no further than Noah’s Ark toy.

Choosing Noah’s Ark toys for toddlers

Children love to explore things and play toys with their hands. Open-ended toys like Noah’s Ark toys can be played in so many ways which facilitate learning. For instance, Tender Leaf’s Noah’s Ark toy doubles as a sorter toy. Your child can learn about Noah and his ark while developing essential skills like fine motor skills and problem-solving.

Noah’s ark toys come in various sizes, colours and forms. With a wide selection of Noah’s Ark toys, there’s a toy for every budget. Setting up a budget for toys and sticking to it prevents you from unnecessary overspending. It also helps narrow down your options, making selecting the right toy easy. If you have enough budget for a much larger toy, most large Noah’s Ark toys are big enough to fit an average side toddler and can also be used as storage containers for other toys. You can also buy more accessories like animal toys if you think the animal toys included in the Noah’s ark is not enough.

Noah’s ark toys are made from either plastic or wood. There’s really not much of a difference between plastic and wooden Noah’s ark toys in terms of price so it really just a matter of preference. However, we still recommended going for the wooden Noah’s Ark toy. Noah’s ark in the bible is made from wood so it’s just appropriate that the toy version is also made from wood. Furthemore, wood is more sustainable than plastic. Also the wooden texture of this toy brings your children closer to nature. Most importantly, setting our children’s path to sustainable living at an early age is the good way to go.

Buy a Noah’s Ark toy that is suitable for your child’s age. Some toys come with smaller toys and detachable parts that are potential choking hazards. Read the package label and product description on what comes with the toy to guide you with your purchase.

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