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Our pick – The best safety razor hand made in the UK.

With such a simple design you might think it doesn’t really matter which safety razor you choose and to a certain extent, you are right. Simply switching to a reusable product that isn’t made of plastic will have a massive impact on the environment, and even a poor quality razor combined with a sharp blade and a steady hand can still give good results.

But you don’t want good results you want excellent results, and you want this to be the last razor you ever buy. Unless of course, you love it soo much you end up buying multiple razors as gifts for all your friends and family.

If you are wondering whether a safety razor is right for you then we say if you want a better shave, care about the planet, and would like to save money the answer is yes. Read Is shaving with a safety razor better? to find our more about the benefits of double edge safety razor shaving!

Norse Safety Razor – Handmade in the UK

Norse Safety Razors are beautifully made sustainable razors, designed and made in the UK from steel, brass, chrome and recycled plastic.

Norse Razors are made to a traditional design that has stood the test of time. They offer an impressively close shave with less irritation, no single-use plastic and a dramatic reduction in both cost and waste.

Whether you are shaving your face, head, legs, bikini line or anywhere else, Norse razors offer a comfortable, safe shaving experience that just happens to be a stylish addition to zero waste sustainable living

The use of a single, easily replaceable blade isn’t just better for the planet it’s better for your skin too. For men (or women) shaving their faces, this means less razor rash, less spotting on the neck, less chance of ingrown hairs and less irritation. For leg shavers, there’ll be less itching as the hair grows back and less ingrown hairs.

Why? Because of the single blade and the fact that you let gravity dop the work means that the razor glides across the skin cutting hairs without tugging at them which can result in hairs being cut below the skin and becoming ingrown. Fewer blades also mean less friction on the skin and therefore less irritation.

These razors are designed to last a lifetime. You’ll notice the quality of the engineering and materials used as soon as you open the box. They are perfectly balanced for an effortless shave and the simple design is easy to both use and maintain.

The fact that they are made to last also makes them a truly planet positive shaving option. Replacement blades cost pennies and can be recycled meaning no more single-use plastic as a result of your shaving routine. Just be careful how you store and get rid of the used blades, especially if you have children in the house.

And if for any reason you don’t feel quite ready to make the switch to a single blade safety razor, Norse also make a beautiful Mach 3 compatible razor.

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