The Benefits of Playing With Toy Buses




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A Toy Bus Helps Fine and Gross Motor Skills

Playing with a toy bus, car or any other vehicle is great for developing children’s fine and gross motor skills.

Fine motor skills give us the ability to make small movements with our hands and wrists. These are the skills we need to manipulate a pen as we write and use a pair of tweezers or scissors, brush our teeth or do up buttons and zips, and children develop them during play.

Putting passengers in a toy bus and even just gripping their toys as they move them around is all great for building up the muscles and developing fine motor skills.

Gross motor skills are more about whole-body movement and using the core stabilising muscles. Standing, walking, running, jumping and crouching are all examples of your child using and developing their gross motor skills.

Playing with cars and buses is a great way for children to develop these skills while they play. Pushing their vehicles around the floor, crouching and crawling around. They also develop balance and core stability as they move around in ways that don’t knock over their toys.

Playing with a Toy Bus Helps Cognitive Development

As well as promoting physical development playing with toy cars and buses is also great for cognitive development.

Cognitive development looks at how children develop their information-processing abilities, conceptual understanding, language development, problem-solving and other non-physical skills.

Playing with cars can be a great way for children to discover many concepts such as gravity, velocity, speed, distance, cause and effect and spatial awareness. They will also encounter multiple problems while they play and naturally develop their problem-solving abilities.

Developing Creativity and Imagination

Toy vehicles whether its a toy bus, car, digger or fire engine are also brilliant toys for encouraging imaginative and creative play. There are so many storylines children can come up with and act out as they play, and familiar objects such as buses are a great way to start the adventures.

Imaginative play is also a great way for children to develop their language and communication skills. They learn new words related to the vehicles they are playing with as well as getting the opportunity to try out words and phrases they have heard in other contexts.

When children play creatively they are also developing their social skills, especially if they are playing with other children. They learn to negotiate how the game will go, take turns, and recognise how their actions and words affect each other.

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