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Stocking Fillers

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Looking for the perfect stocking fillers?

Shop our collection of wonderful gift ideas and stocking fillers to show your loved ones how much you care and love them. From handmade wooden toys to beautiful stationeries, we have the perfect stocking fillers to bring joy to every kid this yuletide season.

Complete your kid’s kitchen set with our wooden kitchen accessories, engage them in some fantasy role-playing with our collection of fantasy figures or teach them some math with our simple puzzle games. All these items are eco-friendly and 100% safe for your kids. We have everything you need for Christmas in one place with our amazing stocking fillers.

There’s nothing quite like the magic and anticipation of hanging up your stocking on Christmas Eve and waiting to see what Santa will bring. So with that in mind, we have put together a selection of beautiful sustainable gifts that are sure to delight the recipient on Christmas morning whether its for baby stocking fillers or stocking fillers for 13 year old boy.

These treats and trinkets also make great small gifts for under the tree, secret Santa presents, and affordable gifts for friends and family. Kids toys, preschool toys, organic cotton soft toys and other Christmas day gifts are good stocking fillers or party bag toys which are great fun for children of all ages!

Every family has a different tradition and different ideas as to what the perfect stocking filler should be. But we figure for most people stocking stuffers for kids need to be relatively small. Beyond that, it’s up to you.

Top Stocking Stuffers Ideas for Children & Toddlers

Holztiger and Ostheimer

The Holztiger Animals make perfect fillers, as do their Ostheimer counterparts. It’s easy to believe that these beautiful hand carved wooden animals have been made by Santa’s elves in their workshop in Lapland. Choose a selection of their favourite animals, a group of animals and figures for a story sack, or a superb little Santa as a special Christmas treat from the man himself. These little wooden toys are full of colour and great for girls and boys of all ages. 

Play Food

Play food makes the perfect fillers, especially if you already have a wooden toy kitchen or play shop or they are getting one under the tree. We particularly love the Big Jigs individual food items for filling up a stocking and being the perfect size to stuff right to the bottom of the toe.

Rainbow and Unicorn Stocking Treats
We love a rainbow here at Baba Me and now we have a pretty impressive range of Unicorn toys and gifts as well. The Grimm’s small rainbows, and elements make lovely little gifts and again could definitely have been made by one of Santa’s elves. While the mini rainbow signs and the rainbow and unicorn charms would make perfect fillers for older children.

Practical Stocking Stuffers

Stocking fillers don’t just have to be for fun. They can also be practical items too. Why not pop in a plastic free toothbrush and a handmade toothbrush timer or some yummy organic natural toothpaste.

Crafts for kids also make for good stocking and bag fillers that you can hand out on Christmas Eve. Small gifts for kids like wooden pencils or colouring books.

And of course, there’s always organic chocolate. A great stocking filler or for eating while you fill the stockings.

Planet Friendly Gifts for Adults

Christmas should be about making memories, and in an effort to do that the “green” way this holiday season, why not put some eco friendly stocking stuffers under the tree.

Christmas is not just for children! You may be looking for the last minute little extra gift, but want a zero waste sustainable choice. Are you fed up of plastic waste? We have a wide range of cruetly free, vegan gifts such as soap, natural shampoo bars, reusable bottles and lots more environmentally friendly alternatives. Naturally all of our gift options are ethical, to be a brand on our website they have to meet our stringent ethical tests. Little beauty gifts made a great addition, and it goes without saying ours are cruetly free, eco and made from the finest natural and organic ingredients. Eco-friendly stocking fillers are useful, but beauty gifts and skincare products aren’t the only thing we offer that is environmentally conscious.. Whether its a little bath bomb, a hand made soap or a bamboo soap dish we have natural plastic free treats to delight all. A perfect choice might be some organic cotton reusable beauty pads.

In lieu of traditional holiday gifts, consider stocking up on green stocking fillers that will leave your loved ones feeling good about you and the environment year-round. Eco Friendly Stocking Fillers are an easy way to keep nature in mind with items such as recycled paper, bamboo socks, and sustainable handmade soaps.

All of our packaging is recycled or recyclable and biodegradable. If you are unsure why not choose our eco friendly mystery box and let us do the shopping for you and choose the perfect eco friendly stocking gift for your recipient. Our eco friendly design and packaging allows you to give your loved ones the perfect gift without adding to the environmental pollution.

Reusable Gifts for Parents of Young Babies

Planet friendly stocking fillers don’t have to be expensive. Eco friendly gifts for adults come in all shapes and sizes, from a reusable bag or water bottle to a natural soap dish – some practical stocking stuffers can cost less than the price of traditional Christmas presents. If you are looking for inspiration to encourage parents to go more eco, then showing them how easy it is to make the little switch can really help!

Of course you have the option with all of our gifts to have them packaged in a recyclable sustainable jute basket or a shopping bag made from recycled plastic bottles. We will match the basket to match the gift, and make sure your recipient love it!

Baby Stocking Filler Ideas

If you are looking for baby stocking fillers Christmas ideas, why not get a Christmas decoration with baby’s name and date of birth on? Or a Christmas onesie for some photos. The baby won’t remember the Christmas so stocking filler ideas for babies can be more about making memories for the future.

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