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Stacking cups are perfect for your toddler to stack and build with. They come in a variety of colours so they can learn about the different shades, which is great for their colour recognition skills. These cups are also good toys for teaching your child basic counting skills as well as simple math concepts like addition and subtraction.

Your child will have so much fun playing with these stacking cups that they won’t even realize they’re learning while having fun. They’re the perfect gift for toddlers who loves playing with things that stack or build up. You can even buy more than one set so they can enjoy hours of imaginative playtime with friends and family members too!

Stack up cups like nesting cups are a great way for your child to learn about arranging and sorting objects as well as learning basic concepts like size and volume. When it comes to stacking toys, there’s something about cups that children love. From the time they are born, it seems like toddlers and babies just like to put things in and take them out of things. Many times they go for containers or examples of containers such as toy rattles or stacking toy boxes. One of the many types of stacking toys are stacking rings which are shaping in rings form. We have a variety of these on our store. Make sure to check them out too if you’re looking for some kind of variation in stacking type games

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