Should I Wear Breast Pads All the Time?




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Breastfeeding almost always comes with questions especially for new mums. As an expectant mum, you might have already been making many decisions on how to take care of your newborn. You might have already decided even before your baby is born whether you will breastfeed her or not. Deciding to breastfeed is a personal decision and mums should do their own research on the subject before making any decisions. Keep in mind that your decision will affect you and your baby so it should not be taken lightly. If you are still undecided, know that many health organisations are recommended that mothers breastfeed their babies for the first 6 months of their lives, longer if possible and willing because of what breast milk brings healthwise.

You will be needing breast pads or nursing pads if you have decided to breastfeed. You might not need to wear them for the first few days after your baby is born but as you continue breastfeeding and your milk continues to come out, you will be needing to wear them to avoid leakage.

What are breast pads?

While some mums might not experience any leaking at all, leaking is totally normal and common among breastfeeding mums. Leaking varies from one mum to another. Some mums experience leaking for a few weeks while others might deal with leaking for as long as they are breastfeeding their babies. If you are experiencing leaking then breast pads are a necessity.

Breast pads or nursing pads are very useful accessories for breastfeeding mums. These accessories absorb leaking milk between feedings and will keep your clothing dry and protect your clothing from stains. They come in a variety of options, sizes, designs and styles. You can buy disposable breast pads but if you want to help save your planet, you probably want to buy the reusable ones.

Do you need to wear breast pads all the time?

It entirely depends on your needs. Some mums, especially the working ones, wear them all the time to avoid embarrassment and protect their clothing. If you have decided to wear them all the time, choose something that is comfortable and have good absorbency. Stay away from plastic-lined breast pads because they are too hot if you wear them for a long time and they make it hard for your nipples to get enough air. Keep extra breast pads with you especially if you are out in public. They can come in handy and could be a lifesaver.

How often should you change breast pads?

You should be changing breast pads as soon as you feel wet or they become damp. Discard disposable breast pads and do not reuse them to lessen the risk of nipple infection. However, how often you should change breast pads is entirely up to you. You would probably change them every after feeding in the beginning. Eventually, you will be changing them at least twice a day or as soon as you feel they are wet. Moreover, it is highly recommended to change them before going to bed and in the morning.

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