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If you’re going out for the day don’t forget the snacks

If you have children then I’m hungry will no doubt be a refrain you hear multiple times a day. And when you go out for the day it only seems to be repeated more often, every time you pass a food outlet of any description and plenty of times in between. Having a lunch bag for kids full of snacks can save both your sanity and your bank balance, not to mention massively reduce the amount of rubbish you end up producing.

Rex London’s Insulated lunch bags are perfect as they are cheap to buy, made from recycled materials and the perfect size to take with you when you’re out and about. They have handles so you can hang them off the back of a pushchair and they’re compact enough to go in a day bag.

As well as being great value and a great size these lunch bags are also slightly insulated to keep food cool, and just the right size for an ice pack if you’re expecting good weather.

Pack a round of sandwiches, snack bars, fruit, oatcakes or whatever else you know your children will eat to keep them occupied and their tummies full. Then you can spend money on ice cream or another treat instead of buying questionable sandwiches or overpriced kids lunch boxes.

And if you’d rather not get stung for an ice lolly every time you go to the park a wide-mouthed insulated drinks bottle like the Klean Kanteen Cafe Cap does a surprisingly good job of keeping ice pops or similar frozen. You can even fill it with a few scoops of ice cream and take your own spoons to enjoy.

Waste Free Picnic Lunches

If you are looking to reduce your waste, even on days out and in lunch boxes, there are some great products available to help you.

First up, consider getting a sandwich wrap. The Boc and Roll wraps are brilliant as they double as a placemat when you are out and about, perfect for picnics, and they are really versatile so can easily be used for a sausage roll, slice of cake, bagel or anything else you fancy. They are also really handy for wrapping up any rubbish or leftovers until you can dispose of them.

As well as sandwich wraps we also have a great range of snack bags. These can be used for sandwiches but are also really good for lots of other snacks. They have a waterproof lining so you can cut up grapes or other fruit and keep it fresh and tasty and away from other food. Or you could use them for popcorn, dried fruit and nuts, biscuits, chunks of cheese or whatever else you fancy. The advantage over a plastic tub is that, like a lunch bag, once you’ve eaten the contents they fold flat and take up very little space so they are much easier to carry around all day.

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