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Plastic Free Shaving

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Are you looking for a way to go green and help the environment?

If so, you may want to consider switching to plastic free shaving products.

Many people don’t realize how much plastic is used in traditional shaving products. Not only does this create waste, but it can also be harmful to your skin.

Sustainable Safety Razors For Eco Friendly Shaving

Our reusable safety razor range is made from high-quality materials and designed to last. They will provide you with a smooth, clean shave every time! Not only that but they also help reduce your carbon footprint by being plastic-free and zero waste. You can save money in the long run while still getting an amazing shaving experience!

Plus, these eco-friendly shaving products make for great gifts too! Give them as presents or keep them all for yourself – we won’t judge either way. It’s time to say goodbye to the disposable razor and hello to a better shaving experience with eco-friendly razors & accessories!

Do you want to have a closer, cleaner, zero waste shave?

A reusable safety razor is a perfect solution for zero waste shaving. They’re made from high-quality stainless steel, bronze or sustainable bamboo. Our reusable safety razor range are eco, zero waste, eco-friendly and vegan!

Designed to be reused time and time again, it is time to say goodbye to plastic disposable razors and start shaving the eco, zero waste way! What’s great about our reusable safety razors is that they are plastic-free – meaning they are not only environmentally friendly but also allow for a closer shave less likely to cause irritation and leave your skin with a silky smooth finish.

What is the most environmentally friendly way to shave?

The most sustainable way to shaving is by ditching disposable plastic razors and switching to a reusable safety razor. Not only are they environmentally friendly but they also help save you money in the long run as well as being a more pleasant experience.

By reducing your plastic footprint, reusing a safety razor is an easy way to do your bit for the environment and live a zero-waste lifestyle – plus it just makes sense!

When looking for safety razors, look for a product made from high-quality stainless steel, bronze or sustainable bamboo. Stay clear of plastics and disposable razors as they can damage the environment by leaving waste behind in landfills and polluting oceans.

Next, you can switch out the shaving foam & shaving gel and use shaving soap. Shaving foam and gel are full of chemicals, are plastic-based and come in disposable packaging. Shaving soaps are not only eco-friendly but also provide a closer shave with less risk of razor burn so you can say goodbye to your shaving woes.

What is the difference between safety razors & cartridge razors?

A safety razor has a double edge so it has a protective layer or guard between the blade and your skin. The double edge razor blades work through you pulling the razor across your face at a 30-degree angle – it is best to not apply too much pressure on the blades as this will cause them to wear out faster and lead to an uncomfortable shave.

Cartridge razors on the other hand come with multiple, disposable blades attached to a plastic handle. They can be made from either stainless steel or plastic – both of which are harmful to the environment and the oceans. When looking for a razor, make sure it’s reusable and durable so that you won’t have to keep purchasing new ones every month!

A reusable safety razor will help reduce your carbon footprint by being made from eco-friendly materials. Once you’ve purchased one, it will last you a lifetime! A single razor blade only costs pennies to make so you’ll never have to spend that much on replacing expensive cartridges again. If this isn’t an incentive to switch razors then we don’t know what is.

How do you have Plastic Free Shaving?

There are a few ways to shave without plastic, here are some of them:

  • Switch to shaving soap in cardboard packaging, cheaper, no plastic packaging and will provide a cleaner close shave.
  • Plastic-free razors – like a stainless steel double edge safety razor or our new hybrid razors from mutiny with the razor handle from biodegradable cornstarch.
  • Switch to a shaving brush made from wood with plant-based bristles which are also vegan, as opposed to plastic brushes with nylon bristles or synthetic fibres. Boar hair shaving brushes are also an option but are not vegan and whilst some claim to be cruelty-free, it’s not clear cut and not everyone wants to use animal hair.
  • Ensure any aftershave balm or lotion also comes in plastic-free packaging.

Razor Blades Holder Bank

You can recycle all your used safety razor blades. Keep them safe in a razor bank then when ready take them along to your local recycling place. They are made from durable stainless steel so can easily be recycled. You will go through multiple blades in a year so investing in a razor

How to shave with a Zero Waste Shaving Kit

Place a bar of shaving soap into a small glass bowl. 

Take your shaving brush and swirl it around until you have a nice lather. Dip the bristles of the brush in your cup containing water to ensure you have enough water on the brush to make a smooth, creamy lather. Then apply this lather to your face to make a nice shaving foam

Take your eco friendly razor and shave in short strokes downwards (with the grain). When you’re finished rinse off under running water to remove any excess soap and store your plastic free razor away until next time!

What do I need for Zero Waste Shaving?

  1. A plastic-free double edge razor
  2. Shaving soap
  3. Sustainable shaving brush
  4. Razor blades
  5. Blade Bank to store old blades in before recycling
  6. A shaving mug

FAQs on Reusable Razors & Zero Waste Shaving

Do eco-friendly razors help with ingrown hairs?

Yes, the blades on a safety razor are not as close together as cartridge razors so it is less likely to cause in grown hairs. In grown hairs are extremely unpleasant and can lead to further infections or razor burn

This makes the safety razor the best option for your skin and is a more comfortable option than cartridge razors.

Are eco-friendly razors better quality?

From our experience, we find that most safety razors are made from high-quality stainless steel and after time may even need less maintenance than cartridge razors.

This is because a sustainable razor is made to last meaning that they don’t wear out as quickly as cartridge razors, which can lead to nicks and cuts due to the lower quality material used. 

How do you shave your legs with a safety razor?

Just like any other razor, use short strokes at a 30-degree angle and don’t apply too much pressure. Make sure your skin is damp and not standing up, shaving in a hot shower is a great idea and you will end up with legs smooth as a babies bottom.

What is the best eco razor to use?

The best safety razor to use is a stainless steel one with a bit of weight to help guide the blades along the facial hair. Typically, you should be using a double-edged safety razor (the blade that has two sides – like a guillotine) but if this intimidates you or your skin isn’t up for it, there are other eco razors out there made from biodegradable and sustainable materials which have a single blade. Personally I love the rose gold mutiny razor which has zinc alloy and gives a super close shave, and has a good grip. 

What shave soap would you recommend?

We love our Mutiny shaving soap which comes in a 100% recyclable cardboard box, they are natural & vegan and will leave your skin super soft. Any plastic-free shaving soap will work but look for better quality ones made with natural, organic ingredients and made with cruelty-free ingredients. One with shea butter or coconut oil is idea to give moisturing affects as well. 

What can I use instead of a plastic razor?

Plastic razors are bad for the environment and your skin, so there are plenty of reusable options out there. We recommend a double edge safety razor or our Mutiny Eco Shaving Razors which are made from recycled materials, biodegradable corn starch and corn husk powder.

These eco-friendly shaving products come in sleek metal reusable containers that are recyclable & compostable, so look good in your bathroom and can be reused to refill with razors or shaving soap.

Can I use a safety razor if I have acne?

Yes! If you suffer from spots or acne, it is recommended to shave in the direction of hair growth rather than against it. This won’t clog your pores, as it is the incorrect use of cartridge razors that can leave you with spots or acne.

Some people have long hair which grows straight up their legs or underarms and may be tempted to trim this down prior to shaving but please do not do this, if allowed to grow out will provide a much closer and comfortable shave.

I have sensitive skin and find shaving irritating, what can I do?

If you suffer from razor burn or skin irritation then we recommend shaving in the direction of hair growth. However if after trying this your skin is still reacting to shaving, we would suggest that you look into using an organic non-toxic shaving soap. Aloe vera shaving soap is great for soothing irritated skin.

Do I need to shave every day?

Shaving is a personal preference so you don’t have to, most men will go 5-7 days without shaving and most women will only shave every 3 weeks. Some people choose to trim instead of a quick shave and some people prefer not to at all! If you do prefer to keep stubble at bay, we recommend doing it every 2 days to avoid razor burn.

How long will a double edge razor blade last?

Typically, a razor blade will last 5-7 shaves. If you shave with the grain, across, and against the grain, a razor blade will last for roughly 6 shaves before it needs to be changed, store in a used blade holder until you take to recycling. Used blades can easily be recycled. It’s always worth having a pack of extra blades to hand. 

What if I’m Not Ready for a Safety Razor?

If you would prefer not to try a traditional safety razor, there are still some things you can do to reduce your plastic consumption whilst still having the perfect shave. Using a sustainable razor can be a learning curve but once you get the hang its extremely easy!

Switch to a safety razor blade subscription service where they will refill and send you blades every few months directly to your address, like our friends at The Shave Market

Make sure you recycle any used cartridge razors through the correct channels (make sure it’s not in the general waste bin)

Buy a vegan, biodegradable shaving brush with wood bristles instead of nylon.

Throw away old razors in a designated recycling bin rather than down the drain.

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