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Plastic Free Party Bag Ideas

Kids love a party bag! And giving out party favours has become an unwritten necessity of throwing a good kids party. But party bag fillers are often cheap plastic trinkets that barely get played with before ending up in the bin.

While there are lots of alternatives to party bags, including not giving them out at all, there’s no reason they have to be wasteful or bad for the environment.

Our top picks for plastic free party bags fillers include wooden toys.We love wooden toys at Baba Me and think they make great party favours. They are much better for the environment than cheap plastic toys, and because they are made of wood then tend to last longer too. Plus we have a great range of puzzles, stationery and games that are perfect for party bags.

Favourite party bag fillers

  • Spinning Tops – These traditional toys offer endless fun, are great value and can be played with by all ages, making them a perfect party bag filler. Plus the low price point means you could add something else too.
  • The BigJigs roadway, railway and runway tape would be perfect for a transport themed party. The reusable tape can be used to create a play-space anywhere, and you get a little wooden vehicle as well.
  • Wooden animals make a lovely party gift. Holztiger do a huge range but we also love the Tender Leaf woodland animals that are super cute and a bargain.
  • For older kids a notebook, pencil, eraser or even a pencil case makes a great gift that they will actually use.
  • Noisy toys are always a hit with kids and we love the bird whistles, mini-tambourines and maracas. These would be perfect for toddlers as they are totally safe for little hands.

Any of these toys make for fantastic party bag fillers and many more combined with a slice of birthday cake or a sweet treat make lovely gifts at the end of a party.

They can be eco-friendly and cost-effective. There’s no need to go overboard when making party bags. For bigger kids, a sweet treat will always be a winner (homemade chocolate buttons are a great plastic-free alternative to little plastic packets) and little ones love a packet of raisins for the journey home.

There are plenty of little items you could choose for a couple of pounds. And printing off a picture to colour is a great extra gift.

Making a big batch of play dough and sending each child home with some is super cheap and great fun. Just make sure you save some jars. You could even add a cookie cutter as a cute tag for the parcel.

Check out our post on alternatives to party bags for more eco-friendly fun ideas.

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