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This is one of the more common concerns for young girls who are awaiting their first period- but, never fear! With our amazing tips and a few spare pads in your bag, you can be assured that you are well armed with everything you need to boss it if you get your period at school.

Dealing with your first period at school

Menarche refers to the first menstrual period, usually experienced at around age twelve or thirteen. However, a girl might experience her first period as young as age 9 or as old as age 15. It’s very common for girls to worry about experiencing an unexpected period at school, however there are signs that will help you identity when your periods might be about to start.

You may feel bloated or experience mood swings, bad cramps, breast tenderness and acne breakouts just before getting your period. If you are experiencing these signs, it’s a good idea to start tracking these symptoms and getting prepared for your period; keep an extra pair of underwear, spare clothes if needed and period supplies such as pads can help.

And if you are caught out without period protection? A trip to the nurse’s office for a sanitary pad will sort it. Most schools will have period friendly policies and your school nurse or school counselor will be able to provide you with sanitary napkins should your menstrual cycle catch you unawares! Your school bathroom may even have sanitary supplies available. You’ll know to keep an emergency pad in your bag for your next period.

Finally, when your period starts try to remember- this is a completely normal, natural process- you have nothing to feel embarrassed about!

Tell me the best way to get rid of period cramps at school?

A trip to the nurse’s office is in order if aunt flo strikes unexpectedly and the cramps are making it hard to get through the school day. It’s important that you feel comfortable, after all, if you feel bad with period cramps you won’t be able to focus on your school work- so don’t suffer in silence.

For your next period, it’s best to get prepared- stay hydrated and get plenty of rest; the last thing you need is to be feeling tired whilst you try to manage other symptoms like menstrual cramps. Keep your water bottle topped up with cold water and on your desk at all times if your school lets you, because staying hydrated is the easiest way to prevent cramps. If period pain is really getting you down, it’s a good idea to speak to your parents- pain relief can help you feel comfortable and get on with your day.

How can I stop my period leaking at school?

The best way to prevent leaks is, once more, to be prepared! Always keep an emergency pad in your bag, and when you do get your period at school, be sure to change your 

pads or tampons every few hours, or as often as necessary to feel comfortable- don’t get caught out and find yourself using toilet paper instead.

There’s a wide range of menstrual products available out there, lots of them particularly good for a heavy flow. Make sure you have all the period supplies you need ahead of your next period, and try out different types- especially if you have heavy periods.

It can be a good idea to wear a panty liner for a few days before your period is due, to prevent any menstrual blood leaks. A bonus tip: a reusable panty liner can keep you feeling confident without contributing to unnecessary plastic waste! Used pads can simply be washed and reused, so there’s nothing at all to feel guilty about. Period undies are perfect for young girls and work by the same principle as cloth sanitary pads and are incredibly absorbent- plus, unlike disposable pads, you won’t run out!

Tampons are another great idea, and are particularly popular for gym class- where a pad might be prone to slipping around. Menstrual cups are a great zero waste alternative, and, like tampons, are suitable for swimming. Keep your sterilised menstrual cup in your bag, and you’ll never be caught out by your period at school again! Some people find that period pain and menstrual cramps are reduced by swapping to menstrual cups.

However, please be kind to yourself and remember that it can be a bit tricky to get it right every time- everybody gets unpleasant surprises sometimes when it comes to periods, so stay calm and don’t feel ashamed should you have a leak.

P.E on your period

Have a healthy mindset about periods- remember that most of the other girls in your class have periods too!

If you’re really strug

gling, listen to your body. You can let your gym teacher know that you have your period today and that menstrual cramps, a heavy period or other symptoms are giving you a hard time.

Some period products are better for gym class than others, and our top tips would be to consider tampons, a menstrual cup or period undies- these all tend to be a bit more leak proof when you are particularly active.

How do I manage my period during school trips?

Managing your period at school is one thing, but getting your period ahead of a busy school trip can be downright stressful.

Be prepared for cramps, and bring any pain relief you might need, along with back up pads or whatever period products you prefer. If you worry that there will be no sanitary bins, you can bring a wet bag or plastic bag to store used pads until you get to a bin. You’ll likely find though that there will be enough rest stops to allow you to change your pads as needed- there’s a good change you won’t be the only one dealing with period symptoms!

Remind yourself it’s normal and natural

Even if it doesn’t feel like it right now, you’ll find your own period rhythm pretty quickly. While frustrating, it’s normal to be caught short of supplies, and leaks do happen to everyone at some time or another.

Getting your period the first time can be daunting, but just keep in mind it’s not your only one! Menstruation is a completely normal process and a sign that your body is healthy and developing as it should. Never be afraid of asking for spare pads or going into the bathroom as necessary. If you are really struggling with symptoms, again, speak to a trusted adult- it’s all very normal!

Look out for your friends

The inconveniences and emotions that can occur when you have your period at school are normal, so don’t be afraid to confide in your friends- they will probably feel similar. Try normalizing your periods- you may even be able to get together and share some helpful period hacks.

Open friendships are incredibly useful, and can keep you in check when you need a spare pad or keep an eye for any leakage when you get your period at school.

How to deal with your period at school: The bottom line.

The big message we are trying to get across- your period is a natural, healthy process and you should never be ashamed of it!

Keep a spare pair of underwear and a few pads in your bag or in a pencil case, so that if your period shows while you are at school, you have everything you need. Should you suffer period cramps, don’t suffer in silence- an adult may be able to help you with pain relief.

As the school year progresses, you’re bound to have your period at school at one time or another, but it really doesn’t need to be stressful- take a look in to all the period products available and pick the one you think will work best for you. While it may feel right now like your body is doing all kinds of unpredictable things, we promise that you’ll be an expert in your own body in no time or other!
In the meantime….be sure to pamper yourself with a lovely face mask or bath bomb! A hot bath will also help ease cramps. 

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